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the 3685908507 th post wins6,091626Apr 2019
Music game11,118564Feb 2
Hillary got money from NXIVM411Aug 2
where are they, have you seen them?820Jul 22
Who pays for covid 19?43230Jul 8
What will you do when you are retired?64832Jul 14
If you were a wizzard, how would the world be?44528Jul 11
could you live one day without your smartphone?28523Jul 11
What's famous in your country?1,62385Jul 4
Rest in Piece Ennio Morricone19712Jul 6
the power of the oil industry21412May 26
16th of May 20101925May 16
FAILING EU1,57143May 6
fugs in the Netherlands are misbehaving1941May 13
What was your best excuse for not getting or paying a fine?2779May 4
When would you tell your new friend or girlfriend you have a s*xual fetish?70231Apr 17
Deathrow should return in the Netherlands70026Mar 3
music quiz - Name that song1310Mar 17
Fraud again2132Mar 3
criminality in your country32616Dec 27
christmas food2235Dec 22
what really pisses me off2284Dec 21
What is your fetish? vote anominously46718Dec 2019
Do you use Soya?31511Oct 2019
Salafistic schools in Europe teach muslims to hate caucasians1901Sep 2019
russia and elections44319Aug 2019
warming up of the earth69431Jul 2019
woman joking about men48018Jul 2019
global warming and who pays for it45314Jul 2019
Stupid people36912Jun 2019
what's the most hospitable country you know?84335Jun 2019
Why are people who ain't looking for a partner member of a datingsite?83934Jun 2019
Are we guilty of slavery and occupuing countries in the past?36517May 2019
Kilkenny1971May 2019
Ever had a date with the wrong girl?1,42868Apr 2019
ridiculous laws in wothless countries2212Apr 2019
Terrorist attack in Tram, Utrecht the Netherlands1,30747Mar 2019
how do you foreigners see The Netherlands?1,82796Feb 2019
I hate slippery roads.47419Jan 2019
how do you foreigners see The Netherlands?1,28872Feb 2019

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