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Favorite board game to play47732Jul 19
What TV show would you like to see return?1,06589Jul 25
should motorcyclists be required to wear a helmet?58332Jul 25
How do you place your toilet paper on the roll?38722Jul 30
Is being religious a strong minded person with faith, or for the weak minded?3,865277Jul 28
What country would you like to visit while taking your two week vacation?1,48470Jul 19
Which actor was your favorite James Bond?36923Aug 5
What is your least favorite type of music?3319Jul 19
Favorite candy bar53634Aug 2
You're a plane crash survivor in snowy mountains, would you eat the dead to stay alive?50136Aug 2
Some people feel that having an open mind is healthy, but is too much of one a good or bad thing?35924Jul 28
What type of wrist watch to do prefer?36128Aug 3
Guys, ever have a woman give you a "queening"? Do you continue the practice today?1,54583Aug 2
Guys, what's your favorite cologne to wear?63144Jul 31
What wrist watch brand do you like best?1933Aug 3
Which lead singer of Van Halen do you prefer?1865Aug 2
Ladies, have any of you ever tried "queening", and did you enjoy it? Ever thought of doing it again?2451Aug 2
What would you like to do on the first date with someone?70258Jul 25
What's the best detergent?19810Jul 30
Ladies, what perfume works for you?32915Jul 31
What is your pet peeve?1,02261Jul 21
Most respected occupation?47123Jul 26
What's your all time best Christmas movie?26416Jul 29
Which year was your favorite Summer Olympics?1654Jul 29
Which one of these freaks you out the most?56621Jul 19
Ladies, you're in a SUV with others in a traffic jam up and and have to pee, what do you pee on?33812Jul 25
Guys, if you HAD to pick one to show you a good time, which one would it be?2322Jul 24
Best all time U.S. President53623Jul 19
What's your favorite soft drink?37520Jul 21
What's your best physical feature on you?61930Jul 18
What's your fetish?55629Jul 18
What's the best decade of music?53127Jul 18
Where do you get your source of news?1912Jul 19
What is your favorite type of music?2254Jul 19
What political party do you relate to the most?46912Jul 18
Who is your cell phone provider?1760Jul 19
which M*A*S*H is better?1520Jul 19
Which was your favorite James Bond movie?1180Aug 5

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