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***SCAMMERS***1,02840Sep 4
Pandemic vs music1914Aug 28
Let's focus on the SWEET and the FUN - release your inner child38818Aug 15
Anyone up for a game?1,96196Aug 8
Dreams of late . . .66029Aug 2
The game of refreshing CS page3066Jul 15
Funny Movie Clips69723Apr 2020
Why is there no military category ?48210Jan 2020
Anyone like this song.......?..........and what it means.............?3095Oct 17
Sex medicine or drugs91838Sep 5
Psychairists ?66125Aug 12
Hell Is For Children63324Aug 11
What’s the best compliment you’ve received ..1,17535Aug 8
How do you deal with rejection???2,34089Aug 8
How would you like to sleep with your future partner?1,31486Aug 6
Female First Date Ideas56123Jul 16
Old Pictures3,706145Jul 7
Bald men V men with a toupée2,030124Jun 28
Anecdotes from Military Life3,39093Jun 27
Are there any real women on here?1,84561Jun 23
Vaccine1,61946May 24
The Universe has a message for you!3887Mar 2021
Do you get enough fiber?4636Mar 2021
Are You Undateable?1,13535Feb 2021
Name a store you shopped at that doesn't exist anymore.1,713107Jan 2021
Can you forgive1,31341Jan 2021
Question to often do you watch porn?2,350125Jan 2021
Do women prefer to date older or younger men?1,874119Jan 2021
Killing animals for human consumption!3,444197Dec 2020
The deep thinker---Carl Jung---->92352Dec 2020
How often do YOU shower... ?96132Nov 2020
Do you get hornier or madder being home alone during long Quarantines?63216Mar 2020
favorite movie scenes78727Mar 2020
the Great Toilet Paper Famine97924Mar 2020
The 70s32,034878May 2018

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