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Happy Kool-Aid Day 19782250Nov 18
The One Eyed General4,17811Oct 16
Prison Life Venezuela Style2730Sep 26
Squirrel Dog1761Sep 23
Vote2114Aug 22
Exorcist in Love1470Aug 11
Race as a Factor in Sentencing1571Jul 18
Tipping the Self Checkout Machine83712May 2023
Heaven Bound?61212Apr 2023
Government Surplus Property Auctions3936May 2023
U.S. Security Leak Blamed on National Guard Private75016Apr 2023
Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party Gone Wrong1,96342Apr 2023
Army Retired39914Jan 2023
Other Options Besides Divorce1,88632Feb 2023
Bad Joke of the Day1,78340Mar 2023
Alligators1,94842Jan 2023
No More Failing Public Schools5616Feb 2023
San Francisco Requires Employers to Pay Employees for not Coming to Work3531Dec 2022
Over a hundred days of war …1,52845Jan 17
Is Putin dead or still alive?1,04420Nov 3
Can you handle the truth ?4435Nov 2
A Palestinian man speaks out.3,81376Oct 27
WEF and UN orders governments to ration water.3554Oct 5
McCarthy out! Now what?4317Oct 3
Ukraine Accused Of Using Cluster Bombs On Russian Village Near Border3833Oct 3
Growing Numbers Of American Volunteers Wounded In Ukraine Treated At US Army Hospital In Germany3697Sep 25
Still misunderstood by many, do guns shoot people?1,39639Sep 23
NATO Fractures: In U-Turn, Poland Announces It Will No Longer Arm Ukraine57922Sep 20
‘Alien corpses’ presented in Mexican Congress3357Sep 13
A Tale of Two Presidents59415Sep 1
The More Guns The Better?1,49633Sep 1
If you could have dinner with any 5 people alive or dead who are you picking?95119Aug 26
Driverless cars in San Francisco causing problems3347Aug 22
Biden admin bringing back COVID masking77428Aug 18
The Men Who Wanted to Be Left Alone79118Aug 16
Pence can’t pump gas, Christie is a pig, libs freak over republicans42216Aug 11
Windshield25313Aug 5
What's the strangest thing someone said to you on this site?4457Aug 4
Will Trump be the nominee for President2,02158Jul 22
“Indigenous Chief Wants To Take Back Ben & Jerry's HQ Built on 'Stolen' Land“37213Jul 21

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