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Anyone interested in joining and or contributing to a Pinup/cheesecake group?43010Jun 21
Living right?3917Sep 2021
What is the length of...39710Dec 2019
Too transactional or is it just me?60917Sep 2019
Sleep walking2591Aug 2019
1st world nonviable3203Aug 2019
And that was all he needed.3640Aug 2019
Which polls do you find the stupidest?3781Aug 2019
End of Breitbart? Stay tooned ;)3704Aug 2019
Nova Corona Virus3650Feb 2020
I dip my fries in _______ (you can't say ketchup)1,54255Aug 21
Reality of conscious1503Aug 11
would you wear a mask again?91545Aug 6
reincarnation49720Jul 18
Y is tis tune blocked on Facebook? feckers1982Jul 16
The Fact Speakers And The So-called Laws Of Men52461Jun 22
do you agree with slut shaming?2,707111Jun 17
can u b me?2725Jun 14
Ads have lost all intellegence!2314Jun 8
Nudity and Beauty1,21441May 12
Let’s Debate1,17044May 10
What do old people think about ?3,17882May 1
If you were to play a character in a movie ..55213Apr 24
Why do women destroy pictures after a separation?38112Mar 29
Do your favorite strippers like you ?70527Mar 22
Do any of the women of CS like to dress up and look good as this in a dress?2,283103Mar 14
*Akashic Records*1,51386Mar 11
Why do we still need the word “Atheist”?2,047147Mar 8
The world is at a crossroads. Are you in or out?1512Mar 6
What Physical Activities Should You Do Everyday83035Mar 6
If you could be any again, What age would it be?2826Feb 26
If it is true that all you need is Love, why has Love rejected you?61222Feb 25
What is more dangerous than nuclear warheads?99348Feb 24
Should Andrew relinquish his right to the British throne & be King of a United Ireland ?2,055121Feb 22
How are the mind body and spirit connected?44117Feb 15
Which One Is Strongest42816Feb 15
Meat is Sexy and Racists ... misogynist ...1,16242Feb 11
Who is the sexiest female superhero? ( For men members only)46221Feb 6
Bla bla bla block1,21138Jan 30

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