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“Attitude Is Everything"2797Jan 9
Could you have a fake platonic relationship with someone you hate44612Mar 6
i want to move to another state2,14968Feb 5
Watching Vietnam movies and have ???46226Mar 16
Call it what you may...56323Mar 16
Which is worst32117Mar 14
Dogs and women, even if you don't love them43015Mar 14
Older women and dress style85233Mar 5
Favorite or Meaningful Quotes1,10976Mar 7
Are you sensitive?64521Mar 9
Cuisine: Which is the healthiest?67036Mar 6
How important is communication to you?72839Feb 26
Thirteen yr old granddaughter drops out of school acts grown2324Feb 26
Threats4895Feb 4
Would you?35412Jan 20
What does responsibility mean to you?21111Jan 20
How do your respond to threats?75029Dec 28
Boulder71626Mar 23
Do You Have An Air Fryer?42616Mar 22
Security or spying?63929Mar 22
Ambushed89429Mar 21
Wildlife1,12742Mar 20
Snot is running down his nose45417Mar 19
Hope on the rocks.1,00940Mar 18
Who looks most like me?95335Mar 17
looking for ladies opinion61419Mar 17
CS vs FB3,246126Mar 16
The Universe has a message for you!3387Mar 14
Which one is the WORST Addiction among all these according to you ?53119Mar 14
Which one is the BEST policy to find a Partner for a successful Relationship/Marriage ?64827Mar 11
Hello !62622Mar 11
I'm Thinking #110,811472Mar 11
What Elementary school did you attend for 8 years?43419Mar 8
Arkansas Vs Massachusetts2038Mar 7
Anything Can Be Reusable3218Mar 6
Lord. Please Have Mercy on the U.S.A75826Mar 3
Would you...88030Mar 2
True2652Feb 28
Are you getting a covid-19 shot ?5,296262Feb 25
Halcyon days ....77031Feb 25

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