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AI algorithms5096Mar 2023
Daily Chuckle -- V2, after the cull4205Mar 2023
Testing.2406Mar 2023
lonely in a crowd69712Jun 2023
What makes one more stronger ?6717May 2023
Bottled emotions and past problems8037May 2023
can belief change the reality?5566May 2023
What age difference you accept?1,47329May 2023
Dating an alcoholic1,49032May 2023
It's Friday night and you are 20. What are you doing?1,52624May 2023
What do you identify as today?1,07318May 2023
fairest of them all7053May 2023
Understanding is deeper than knowledge.4144Apr 2023
Is there a diffence in growing in love or falling in love?1,26426Apr 2023
You can't lie to the lord, the lord sees everything.1,62321Apr 2023
Heaven Bound?62412Apr 2023
are the thumbs-down people positive ?3,46552Apr 2023
Thread # 2 improved3054Apr 2023
Living In America86011Apr 2023
Why is it so easy to find fault in others?1,67523Apr 2023
Different Types of Retirement98211Apr 2023
If you lived your life all over again, what you change?2,11053Apr 2023
The US is a dictatorship!70010Apr 2023
Does pain make us stronger?5997Mar 2023
What Are The Different Types Of Humor?2984Mar 2023
Can I ask you a favor will everyone thumbs up this post1,68728Mar 2023
What is your favorite planet in our solar system?1,11117Mar 2023 it can be manipulated...64821Mar 2023
Bad Joke of the Day1,88840Mar 2023
Does height matter for dating or an overall relationship ?3,08469Mar 2023
Love Vs. Understanding and common goal3,02010Mar 2023
Scrabble21,1151,000Mar 2023
Who can you trust blindly?1,34432Mar 2023
What a cull1,30318Mar 2023
r u the same person online versus irl?7078Mar 2023
No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness3803Mar 2023
The lurkers log on to thumbs-down posts4,32384Feb 2023
Can one flaw spoil your all virtues?73913Feb 2023
Scrabble4522Feb 2023
Words starting and ending with the same letter.6,427325Feb 2023

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