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Will A.I. End Online Dating?82022Jul 27
Wedding Gift for Older Couple1,45036Feb 2022
.........................this might affezt you.................64630Nov 26
What's that in the road, ahead1601Nov 11
What do you call a heroin addict in your country?53319Nov 6
Mom's favourite saying1,02538Nov 5
Want to sock them in the eye? Go on then!1,85032Nov 3
Tales From Your Youth42712Nov 2
Bobby Knight gone at 83 today.3467Nov 1
The Light Went Out1,31524Oct 30
Richard Roundtree gone at 812334Oct 25
What’s your favourite sweet treat?5,653300Oct 25
Say Anything part 312,667419Oct 3
OMG where the hell is everyone?? .....2,27549Sep 30
your birthday54918Sep 17
Are there any TTRPG fans or Nerds in general on this site?8398Sep 12
does NAME matters?61815Sep 12
Metaphorically speaking like a car71319Sep 8
how would you make your family happier?3737Sep 3
Whey we are not successful in this connect singles1,94444Aug 29
the truth of your life3684Aug 18
Do people change from their high school immaturity?47410Aug 11
suicide?2,02164Jul 31
Daily Chuckle II4,51889Jul 30
Mick Jagger, 80 today.1,08325Jul 26
Sinead O'Connor R.I.P.1,29733Jul 26
your last wish53716Jul 25
What do you prefer if you have choice of two?72717Jul 25
football world cup ( womens) 20234,514143Jul 20
your favourite dessert79225Jul 20
What Are You Wearing10,468427Jul 19
Which Of These Is Your Favorite Fast Food Chains?1,25153Jul 17
Welcome2603Jul 12
I bet today is going to be one of the best national holidays yet.3815Jul 9
Is The Art of Corresponding Dead?93526Jul 8
Boycott gassed meats1,03036Jul 3
Bad habits1,60844Jun 30
R.I.P. Alan Arkin4309Jun 30
What do couples expect from their partners?93829Jun 25

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