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Bedroom Conversation1,34749Sep 2008
Goin Dancing!1,03621Oct 2008
Long Distance Relationships2,870133Aug 2008
Something bad happened85730Oct 2008
Have you ever seen a ghost?1,59243Sep 2008
If you could start all over2,48591Sep 2008
Pics of others?1,03222Jun 2008
in your opinion, wich are the best romantic, sensual or sensitive dance?89425Apr 2009
Satisfy your Curiousity....2,25885Oct 2008
Journey - Open Arms vs Bonnie Tyler -Total Eclipse of the Heart1,47615Oct 2008
The way to a man's heart is through his stomach -your opinion?4,431100Oct 2008
Write an adjective attributing the person above.3,277189Oct 2008
Write down the most inteligent word you know.1,82577Oct 2008
seasonal intimate relationships60419Oct 2008
Friends with Benifits66818Oct 2008
would you date a recovering alcoholic4,832178Oct 2008
Would u flirt with the one above u?6,786301Oct 2008
Does size really matter?5,324264Oct 2008
when was your last sex5,086159Oct 2008
What is the very 1st thing you do when you open your eyes in the morning???1,73160Oct 2008
What would it be?48418Oct 2008
Astrology Match5,758206Oct 2008
Best vs Worst89227Oct 2008
Mental acuity...80123Oct 2008
I'm almost embarrassed to say that I've been on this site for 2 years.1,14628Oct 2008
A total lack of "Class".2,402115Oct 2008
I like this one girl1,15643Oct 2008
Why Do Badboys always get the Women?1,30545Oct 2008
Do you play an instrument?.........sing?..........Jodel?2,32982Oct 2008
If you have met up with a CS face to face, how did it go?2,71889Oct 2008
Write a word beginning with the last letter of the previous one.13,1341,000Oct 2008
Your Opinion On Open Relationships1,18842Oct 2008
Arent you just sick of1,29146Oct 2008
Am I the only one turned off by pet names right off the bat?2,075107Sep 2008
From the worker ant perspective what advice would you give to your boss?41412Sep 2008
The Match Thread.11,984649Sep 2008
I've never2,775105Sep 2008
do u like men with long hair?1,60675Sep 2008
Would you clone yourself to harvest the organs1,45420Sep 2008
Is there a secret sex slave inside all women4,256144Sep 2008

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