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Not for the faint hearted.2261Mar 15
Just a minute1,02933Mar 2
Romance scammers.2,51289Feb 22
Shark fin soup1,56991Feb 24
Charity begins at home.44826Jan 11
Coping with control freaks1,946105Jan 13
What's on your bucket list ?1,15683Jan 15
Great Britain sends 2 Naval ships59450May 6
What are your wishes for your estate should you ever pass on?24618May 5
Should sheeple...who drop dirty face nappes in fined?45934May 5
Human Being49927May 4
The Black Madonna47434May 4
lucky or smart65643May 2
Why do women always want to change.2,080103Apr 29
People69834Apr 23
VIKINGS37827Apr 19
sardine salad38626Apr 17
Heartbreaking .... Helen McCrory gone at only 5231015Apr 16
Why are women so unimaginative...1,98393Apr 15
Sticks and stones38816Apr 15
Some more idioms, similes, metaphors, OH MY!47020Apr 11
Gay Priests1,43763Apr 7
Today shall be...94780Apr 6
When you have nothing but negativity to give..1,96094Apr 5
One Liners87747Apr 2
Can we have some?1764Apr 1
OK I’m gonna try this..1,94858Mar 31
Newbie1,21243Mar 31
Is Riding Good for You ?58628Mar 31
Ubuntu1,08138Mar 31
I'm Thinking #219,1441,264Mar 30
Alrighty then Women Only.aka WOMEN ONLY. There are Rules follows.54422Mar 29
Easiest thing to cook is97448Mar 29
Lockdown Eased66539Mar 29
What Could Make People More Desperate ?56222Mar 24
Brunch3268Mar 24
Comparisons...between women's bodies and cars43012Mar 24
Security or spying?63629Mar 22
Ladies, describe your pupillary distance.2605Mar 21
Ladies, describe your diastema.55424Mar 19

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