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A Palestinian man speaks out.4,04976Oct 27
Is relationships more of job?4891Aug 2023
U-tubeeeh... changes?4515Feb 2023
New cellphone50611Dec 2022
Christmas eve2222Dec 2022
There might still be hope4153Sep 2022
Would you live here with me?1,05120Sep 2022
Fast boats57513Aug 2022
Family values1,59039Aug 2022
Gossip1,51822Jul 2022
Breda / bid641,83334Jul 2022
Whats-app?2,645102Apr 2022
My Norwegian Dating Life, parte uno4025Mar 2022
What area to find a nice woman to settle down with?1,05614Jan 2022
Wanna dedicate a song to someone on cs forums?1,07621Dec 2021
If you've lost your wallet84923Aug 2021
Retirement, what warm country?1,68251Aug 2021
Iran- Israel war61418Apr 14
mother of all bad feelings67320Mar 29
Who is this hunk of man?59311Mar 23
This is a good one!---rights, rights, rights......95023Mar 4
Leaving the United States.97321Mar 4
How to end a correspondence without hurting the other person?2,03647Mar 3
Your last meal today4,810160Mar 2
What kind of girl are you looking for?1,70243Feb 26
.....ten threads on music.what is this site1,77837Feb 18
Complaint to CS administration3,24565Feb 16
Let's talk about this....1,14823Feb 7
conditional love1,43534Feb 3
Is anyone here easily offended?94917Feb 3
practicality vs intellectuality51919Feb 2
Is anyone special if we think everyone is special?82628Jan 27
a new language1,36465Jan 22
Is any group of people responsible for the loss of fun contributors & thumbsdown in the cs forums?6,504162Jan 17
The friend of my enemy is a priori my enemy.2,06470Jan 14
The world should follow the USA lead and also Build Back Better1,72446Jan 11
How's The Weather Where You Are?11,121512Jan 10
Would you date someone 30 years older than you2,57164Jan 9
Ignore or controverse?1,80043Jan 8
So what is your country famous for2,45983Jan 8

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