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67 year old woman arrested and cuffed for pruning a bush.1,17120Oct 26
Trudeau's Canada harvesting babies blood and organs.3580Oct 26
WEF forcing us to eat bugs while they eat steak.5569Oct 22
Eat ze bugs WEF orders.2330Oct 22
Geoengineering Watch Report.7194Oct 15
Fauchi committed mas murder.3402Oct 6
WEF and UN orders governments to ration water.3724Oct 5
Scammed out of $1m by Romance Scammer. Watch the video.6573Sep 6
Womenwanting to date Army Officers4134Jun 2023
After the reset (Animation)2210Apr 2023
Valentines Day. Not what you think.55610Feb 2023
Next New Pandemic 2025?3151Dec 2022
Euthanasia has become a leading cause of death in Canada2830Dec 2022
A song for anyone living in California3482Oct 2022
R.I.P Bernard Cribbins5976Jul 2022
I can now add myself to the list of knowing people killed by the jab.3,847163Dec 2021
Great Protest Song.64721Dec 2021
The price paid by children for your cowardice.80816Nov 2021
Vaccine injured lady speaks out.2,75371Sep 2021
This video may save your, or a loved ones life.3410Aug 2021
Don't shoot the messenger.4243Aug 2021
See the real cost of the vaxx2,83267Aug 2021
Vive La France3080Aug 2021
45,000 dead from c19 Vaxx, worse to come.72911Jul 2021
dont forget to vote ,when the time comes,,,,,,,(england).74116Jan 6
Life after death67713Dec 4
Jesus Christ4336Nov 4
Does been "born again" save you ?4858Nov 2
What would make you happy?6465Oct 19
Who do you think Jesus Christ is ?1,86244Oct 16
Ham or cheese?4785Sep 2
Do you think horoscopes are accurate?5759Sep 2
Has any ever been in an interracial relationship?1,07316Sep 2
Do you think there is a God?1,00023Aug 27
thoughts on schizophrenia?69711Aug 2023
age difference72713Aug 2023
Why are some women racists?2,27722Jul 2023
do you believe in UFO...s. have you seen one ? and where ?2,48644Jun 2023
If you live in the EU or England are you happy to see your country switching to Digital Currency?1,56335Apr 2023
Hey Everybody! Where do you catch your fish?63118Feb 2023

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