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NO means NO754Aug 16
flirting?19813Aug 15
What do you do when you get upset?73729Jun 4
your opinion1341Aug 13
What kind of qualities do you want in your life partner?65623Aug 3
How many years do you want to live?1013Aug 12
law of KARMA99651Aug 8
The reality of Life17610Aug 9
The meaning of Love944Aug 9
what can bring peace24715Aug 6
What are the causes of fight or war?17113Aug 6
atheist, theist, semi-theist and semi-atheist1184Aug 5
your observation regarding yourself2147Aug 4
cheeky or shy?2748Aug 3
do you feel sleepy while driving?27316Aug 1
what is your hope?42525Aug 1
phone in the toilet40915Jul 27
your curiosity1705Jul 31
Laughing is the best medicine1504Jul 28
Interfaith marriage2569Jul 28
The prevalent proverbs in your society24410Jul 24
Can you live without a mobile phone?1,20050Jul 21
How much do you know yourself?25015Jul 22
do you snore?812Jul 25
Are you satisfied with your life?1,01737Jul 18
Not every attraction is love.1534Jul 15
reincarnation34820Jul 18
need or greed?1456Jul 17
funny childhood moments993Jul 13
are you monogamous?32210Jul 11
The Divine Power1935Jul 9
The Attraction2428Jul 9
fake beauty and fake character2565Jun 26
Is extra body part a sign of a good-luck?1426Jul 3
Meaningful and meaningless names933Jul 3
What is the difference between friendship and love?1543Jun 25
Importance of science and spirituality in life.55027Jun 19
What is the use of a man in the life of a woman?1,49563Jun 11
religious beliefs about alcohol2,971141Jun 8
Earth without humans1928Jun 11

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