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Having a slow day? Meet Ali Siddiq :D1141Aug 5
Do you believe in Love?1,88199Jul 24
Solve the mystery, win a prize.;-)46625Jul 26
Nichelle Nichols, Lt. Uhura on ‘Star Trek,’ Dies at 8919610Jul 31
Can you find it?3,127201Jun 21
TRUE LOVE and REAL LOVE...Are they the same?37423Jul 24
Clean comedy... LOL!48927Jun 28
Father in China abandons 5-year-old son at kindergarten following negative paternity test1,20040Jul 13
Riddle me this, riddle me that... (Exercise pt. 2)1,03374Jun 7
Name your favourite/most memoable MONDAY melodies....66641May 16's here again ;D49920May 23
How do you feel about … the DEATH PENALTY? Should it be outlawed?1,45390Jul 2
What had to give up32519Jun 27
Would you be willing to use this, or do you think it could be cause for concern?1912Jul 4
Former Tesla Worker Rejects $15 Million Payout In Racial Abuse Suit. If it was you...1,20267Jun 24
Thankful Thursday.....What are you thankful for today?28313May 5
If you won the Lottery, I'd...53033Jun 18
Smile ;-)… Have a HAPPY SATURDAY!!!31415May 14
Chinese man seeks divorce from wife of 16 years after learning his 3 daughters are not his ...1,16753Jun 11
Would you rather vacation alone, with your family, or friends?40331Jun 7
A Dream come true2415Jun 13
Is it fair to pursue a relationship abroad, if you have no intention of moving there?1,90498Mar 30
What are you afraid of?92462Jun 2
Do you drive? If so...describe it.99969May 30
Which 'person' are you? Which is your,28475May 20
What's your main source of entertainment or enjoyment (besides/in lieu of s*x) these days?1,79095May 23
HOW IMPORTANT IS IT TO MAKE A GOOD/GREAT ‘FIRST IMPRESSION’ (esp. in the dating game)?78632Apr 18
(If it hasn't been polled yet) How important is 'prayer' to you, cynicism please:)86838Apr 7
Where it all began…?48725May 29
What about you needs the most upgrade (physically) ?63327Apr 13
Have you ever dated outside of your race? If so, what differences did you encounter (if any)?2,890106Apr 28
If you had the opportunity to 'vacation' in space, who would you take with you, and why?47631May 26
"It's getting hot in here..." (song by American rapper, Nelly), so what would you do?32728May 31
Exercise...;)57838May 25
Mr. Bean's latest...:roll:2286May 27
Memorable ‘pick-up’ lines…Cheesy, flattering, creative?58116May 17
Let's say you died suddenly and wasn't sure where you 'landed'. What signs would you look for...?61628May 5
Let’s Debate1,06844May 10
Bingeing and boredom2,224110Apr 30
Funtime forum...3 wishes:D1,00350Apr 26

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