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Hey all the lovely Irish CSers !!!!2,10274Jun 2009
any old ???89923May 2009
The Person I Would Like To Thank !!!!2,059113May 2009
Ok ,who not Perving who at CS ????????4,693401May 2009
This is a Self Reporting Thread5,534382Mar 2009
No Method , No Teacher , No Guru !!!2,043103Jan 2009
Merry Christmas44720Dec 2008
I'm blue3,062168Dec 2008
Happy Christmas + a Bright New Year56530Dec 2008
I feel free again ..............not before time !!!!86945Oct 2008
Jingoism, paranoia, hostility ! What happened to the poeples Connectingsingles??????3,739187Sep 2008
Whaaaaaa? Where did it go, was I dreaming1,13656Sep 2008
A guy in a bar...........38810Jul 2008
Right, I'm not gonna be accused of something I didn't do1,76047Jun 2009
kevin and perry33128Jun 2009
Micheal Jackson R.I.P.1,90587Jun 2009
Pop Star Michael Jackson has died6,584251Jun 2009
The Wearing Of The "Burka"5,233232Jun 2009
give me a break, i just joined53823Jun 2009
Moi???? Have something to hide?????1,20776Jun 2009
Update on my brother Mike2,607113Jun 2009
Prayers for my brother Michael1,59297Jun 2009
A Return to The Bad Old Days of Extreme Nationalism??88744Jun 2009
Dame Edna on Craig Ferguson1511Jun 2009
Hello28114Jun 2009
Cna Yuo raed tihs?68025Jun 2009
Going Through The World Working Wonders31513Jun 2009
His emails are really nice, but....1,14048Jun 2009
do people like im?1,50773Jun 2009
Are all women the same or is it a cultural thing??4,741247Jun 2009
Thankyou55422Jun 2009
New69522Jun 2009
good bye cs75429Jun 2009
What percentage of CS members are crazy people?1,392159Jun 2009
Shake, rattle and rolly polly68727Jun 2009
You are not sexually attracted1,72740Jun 2009
Found this on FB59521May 2009
Where have the Favorite Lists Gone - Anyone Tell Me?94470May 2009

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