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If Virginia is for lovers1,63825Sep 2008
have any dating nightmares?1,03623Sep 2008
can you solve the murder? Or is it a riddle?1,08337Aug 2008
Did you know there "IS" a cure for cancer?1,71169Aug 2008
Do you make it a point to laugh everyday?58010Sep 2008
cancer cure part 285121Aug 2008
Don't ask a question if you can't handle the answer54013Sep 2008
faster than a speeding bullet...lol5616Sep 2008
superman needs a little sex too!3633Sep 2008
Kids............ you got to love them2945Aug 2008
If I ran for President?71415Sep 2008
Would you Marry?71313Sep 2008
If money was not an issue4938Sep 2008
Rectum Deodorant4699Sep 2008
How old is your brain?3876Sep 2008
Olympics..............funnies4898Sep 2008
where's God? Not religous5073Sep 2008
DAM! sure is quiet in Maryland lately! knock knock4790Sep 2008
Road call!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!4102Sep 2008
The Indian with one testicle............your morning laugh56212Sep 2008
Tarummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I'm here!58615Sep 2008
sure is quiet in here!3492Sep 2008
your Spanish words for the day53410Sep 2008
It's football Season49615Sep 2008
For those of you who want to be married, think again.42510Sep 2008
Spanish word of the Day7967Aug 2008
pop quiz folks.2022Aug 2008
3 contractors2561Aug 2008
How old is your brain?2,15371Aug 2008
Touchy subject. Discussions open............1,96386Aug 2008
Mother superior2190Aug 2008
a boys cofession3329Aug 2008
ACT TWO. to be read after you have read act one.3163Aug 2008
You must read both stories, act one and act two. this is act one1690Aug 2008
let's talk about nuclear power3858Jul 2008
Currency Exchange2531Jul 2008
taking off the lbs.4309Jul 2008
Any plans for the weekend?1,54764Jul 2008
Magic 8 Ball30618Jul 2008
Rectum deodorant.5258Jul 2008

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