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I wrote this long ago. I thought it most apt.2612Jan 5
I just Have to share this.6556Jan 1
Did you hear the one about the longest Court Case in legal history?4873Jan 2
B4 one tell me.2460Jan 5
Think of the Central Core 'like' a Main Frame, and Computers appear, think of it like...1322Jan 5
Litil flaws to the stage.1351Jan 4
Care taken on the Re-Match; that’s2455Jan 2
Two Bull Ants1730Jan 4
Love hate and with justa touch of VESA72810Nov 26
Once Upon a TiiM1390Jan 3
Have you heard this?1320Jan 3
Now for something of mixed interpretations and outlooks. The Hermi.1681Jan 3
Copy(written) for the Daily Bugle780Jan 2
Can you ever forgive me?2040Jan 2
One person’s perception is not necessarily a different person’s reality.1760Jan 1
Time shutdown, life: 2023, Soon I can write 2024... Yeh.!?1360Dec 30
I've sent away many who I have thought of as friend.2250Dec 30
In about 13 hours, 2023 is gone forever on this World.1590Dec 30
Wait, you might know.1660Dec 29
The Meaning of LiiF. (Monty Python already did Life. How could any top that?)1830Dec 29
Once The Nature held name. That was long ago. Long ago for me.1930Dec 28
Inter – Connecting Singles. Once posted online, in real time.1770Dec 27
It's too late for me, save your selves1660Dec 27
Ever wonder if half the planet thinks their life is a party and all they want to do is trash the2390Dec 18
How many CottHaar might it take to change out a LiiT Bulb?2090Dec 17
Changed my mind, figuratively, not literally. More like swapped it out if tale be told. The GaiiM, G1740Dec 17
Today… not won thing held, do I two say, witch four me, four you, three left okay? Sew nothing will,1590Dec 17
The World of DoBaT,1830Dec 16
If the story you are living has not already been written, then it is You doing the writing.1580Dec 15
The Grinch, Ebeneezer Scrooge, and the Mouse that ran up the clock.2680Dec 14
The story continues, just no longer here.1820Dec 14
Message received on Planet Sensor1520Dec 14
13/12/2023 Sorry, just the silliest dream I never really had.2231Dec 12
Did I win>? W.1680Dec 11
It’s all about perspective. AKA, My apologies JK.1670Dec 10
Thumbs up / thumbs down2499Nov 30
Seems more and more like 19841480Dec 5
Not certain the title yet.1350Dec 4
The Alien message1161Dec 2
Prefaces dared to laid bare.1691Nov 28

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