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breakfast5074Aug 2008
Breakfast for Supper???3745Aug 2008
i may get banned,but too funny!!4258Aug 2008
What Women Really Want2080Aug 2008
too funny48416Aug 2008
sorry guys,no harm intended!!36713Aug 2008
Does anyone58520Aug 2008
Redneck Pickup Lines2693Aug 2008
The Dead Camel3143Aug 2008
wwe77930Aug 2008
Funny ha-ha2623Aug 2008
Who Is Happy Today?1,55770Aug 2008
the real meaning of abreviations in personal ads3391Aug 2008
Morning,things to annoy people!!1841Aug 2008
Hey Raymond1953!!!2712Aug 2008
A little history lesson for ya!!3533Aug 2008
Who is getting rain from fay??2182Aug 2008
Zee2556Aug 2008
The Friend Card3006Aug 2008
I have a question90333Aug 2008
Hey Justin(loving massage)CAN I HAVE THIS DANCE? heheheheheheh!!!!!!!3629Aug 2008
Hot Date In Alabama1960Aug 2008
Quote Of The Day!!1,4737Aug 2008
lets post some good jokes,we could always use a laugh!49811Aug 2008
Have You Been Affected By..3989Aug 2008
Tax Truth4494Aug 2008
online love70517Aug 2008
All packed for New Orleans....60217Aug 2008
Spanish word of the Day7967Aug 2008
What Our Birth Date Says About Your Personality!4,810243Aug 2008
The Sweetest Thing64519Aug 2008
I have returned.....60419Aug 2008
The Big Dating Squirt96237Aug 2008
Say Something.... You Know the Rest...??!!14,8131,004Aug 2008
does anybody hate their father ?3,437115Aug 2008
is love the greatest gift of all60219Aug 2008
mr. johnson1961Aug 2008
ways to reduce stress85628Aug 2008
'Hi RAYMOND1953, hope you're feeling better today.2775Aug 2008

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