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Good-bye, So Long, Auf Wiedersehen, Farewell...1,30031Jan 2010
For those whose hope is waning...1460Jan 2010
I'm not leaving...1,12447Dec 2009
Happy Yule/Winter Solstice!!!30711Dec 2009
Hello from an old friend...1,22541Nov 2009
How important is premarital sex to you?3,938156Oct 2009
What do you want in a relationship?3,847201Nov 2009
When you look in the mirror...4,838294Jan 2009
How long does it take?78024Oct 2009
Onions fight flu virus...13,71472Oct 2009
Piano Stairs32810Oct 2009
Update67128Sep 2009
Broken people7,602118Aug 2009
The 11th Husband47113Jul 2009
CS Forums Rocks...1,00737Jul 2009
A friend says hello2877Aug 2009
To my fellow widows and widowers...1,25654Aug 2009
Know anyone like this?44423Aug 2009
HAPPY DANCE :)71626Jul 2009
Take care of my patients...3004Jul 2009
Eupamisms for Workplace Incompetence...1,52552Jul 2009
Bad News1,26857Jun 2009
Saying "I love you"....2,294109Jul 2009
Advice, please...and I'm listening2,20187Jun 2009
Egg Trick...1,14813Jul 2009
The Wash Line1752Jul 2009
Happy Solstice and Happy Litha!1852Jun 2009
One Tin Soldier...59716Jun 2009
I love my dogs, but...87141May 2009
What I've learned...2,243117May 2009
A fun quiz...2946May 2009
Being Stood Up7,091202May 2009
What does a romantic/love relationship mean to you?2,50355May 2009
Ready to gnaw a tree...4,687271Jan 2009
New whistling cars...90364May 2009
Happy Mother's Day To All!99746May 2009
For those who were worried...3329May 2009
Happy Beltane!4028May 2009
Interesting news...84231Apr 2009
Prayers needed...78629Apr 2009

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