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PietroPaoloVPietroPaoloV Threads (471)

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How can we guys turn lesbian?1,651115Dec 2008
Why are women so complicated, how do you solve the riddle?1,61460Dec 2008
Recommend a film, but do it with some sort of review and not just the title mentioned49222Dec 2008
How to last longer in bed?3,609152Dec 2008
The greatest speech ever made2407Dec 2008
The two sickest men on earth...4558Dec 2008
Bitchin'41510Dec 2008
XII How to NOT find yourself a woman and have her stay26312Dec 2008
So what is the greatest dilemma a woman can face?1,874100Dec 2008
Why are some people thick between the ears?1902Dec 2008
What is the most intense sadness you have felt which was related to someone you didn't even know?86341Dec 2008
Why is it called "falling in love"?89434Dec 2008
Guys, do you ever walk the streets in blue jeans and no underwear?6,960100Dec 2008
Shadow boxing51125Dec 2008
I lost a glove and I have no idea what to do82233Dec 2008
Why are people's pets here disrespectful?79929Dec 2008
Wine, women or song?59010Dec 2008
Let’s play with songs and the American states56031Dec 2008
Hunting in stacks2283Dec 2008
The intense escape that is folding to one's own idiocy65622Dec 2008
When is the best time during a day to have sex?81636Dec 2008
Pets I had who were crap63920Dec 2008
Is there anything more un-sexy than socks?2,12996Nov 2008
I'm getting indecent proposals here1,56253Oct 2008
Let’s put the men to the test with a tricky one, and let’s put the women to the test with a fun one2,906158Dec 2008
Interpreting the emoticons43713Dec 2008
Oh my God, I’ve just had the scariest weekend encounter ever!1,54074Dec 2008
I went up to a woman and told her that she was the most beautiful woman I had seen in aeons1,56254Nov 2008
Women, I have a date. Can you sort an ol’ geezer out?2,864112Nov 2008
Women and chocolate1,81561Nov 2008
Autumn1,07316Nov 2008
Doing it in the back of a car99727Oct 2008
Words that don't rhyme2,30044Nov 2008
Should we have this poll?6958Nov 2008
Watching a movie53128Nov 2008
I’m here mostly to find someone who can do my laundry. Will you help?3,422212Nov 2008
Essential traits of the woman I want to wake by my side1,21256Oct 2008
Do you want to hear your soul release a sigh of joy?41210Nov 2008
Funny little differences between Europe and America?1,53446Nov 2008

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