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United States is free again because of Trump1978Oct 11
Q, this is a lovely alphabetical number.65326Apr 2018
Where are you?10,4957Feb 2012
WE THE PEOPLE88310May 2015
Wiener Game9,701288Apr 2014
Hoe's1,46415Aug 2013
Working, jobs and being paid for them.62510Sep 2012
This is an AMERICAN thread.7076Sep 2012
When will it stop?7019Aug 2012
Sausage is the name of the Game7,687199Jun 2012
Work crap, or crap about work.4181Jun 2012
As American's should we be concerned?6135Jun 2012
Take it off!8301Oct 2011
Life7659Nov 2011
I condemn the term used in this article!6464Nov 2011
Required attire.1,51322Jul 2011
The power of thought.5,124144Dec 2010
Unions In America?72513Feb 2011
Teens Travel with Teachers Abroad.4,471140May 2009
Nasty 1012,81763Jan 2011
The Holy book...4700Nov 2010
Words that rhyme........with time2,17476Sep 2010
Off with their heads1,11819Feb 2010
A Christmas Story!1,16336Dec 2009
Mass energy1,16520Oct 2009
Midlife Crisis2,89485Sep 2009
First love/divorce2,51189Jul 2009
Sticks and stones may break my bones.1,60036Jan 2009
years of history4531May 2009
The Tender of Love.5034Feb 2009

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