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Sen John McCain Passed away, a true Republican.1,894123Aug 25
Credit where credit is due.44523Jun 11
Should there be a license to use the internet?4,657247Jun 7
The consequences of racist USA1,44156May 5
We Asked an Expert How Islamists Could Actually Take Over the UK81434Apr 16
My Dad in Hospital1,95291Jan 12
Donald Trump has been accused of fuelling hate crime2,812150Oct 2017
Daphne Caruana Galizia90259Oct 2017
Should there be a statute of limitation on Harassment?89343Nov 2017
Jeff Flake and his honesty89833Oct 2017
Is there a problem posting?37510Oct 2017
Is it right to judge someone negatively when no facts are present?2,533117Oct 2017
Not just me then, Can CS staff look into what is wrong with the site40414Oct 2017
Yes I can see the absurdity2001Oct 2017
Trump 'asks' lawyers if he can use presidential pardon for himself2,447127Jul 2017
God Bless Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, what an amazing woman at 91.1,75883Jun 2017
Terrorist win again!!63221Mar 2017
Dating site sets up sting for scammer37510Mar 2017
Should the United Nations be disbanded? Has it become discoloured5,817217Dec 2016
George Michael, passed away.1,56648Dec 2016
Language skills and integration in a foreign country1,52652Dec 2016
Not yet President and already offended China4,245244Dec 2016
Greg Lake, passed away, just 69 years old.3503Dec 2016
Why do people gossip77622Dec 2016
Why the Philippines and the USA have a love hate relationship93810Sep 2016
Did you know?1,05124Jun 2016
What is a "Soulmate"5,203100Apr 2016
Tesla announce new Model 3, at realistic price3,25346Apr 2016
Can we read more from the way a person writes?1,19625Apr 2016
Islamic State claims Brussels attacks that kill at least 307,193251Mar 2016
Rubio drops out, the end of USA draws closer1,75944Mar 2016
Alan Rickman has passed away1,12020Jan 2016
The 11th Hour of the 11th Day of the 11th Month1,5259Nov 2015
ADDICTIONS, a truthful Poll???1,70461May 2015
Tangerine Dream's Edgar Froese dies at 704856Jan 2015
Information on safety needed!!1,70241Nov 2014
Oscar Pistorius found not guilty of murder4,092130Sep 2014
Ric Mayall dies8059Jun 2014
President Obama Asked to Block BBC Show ‘Top Gear’ That Allegedly Used Racist Term1,95550May 2014
What's outside your window?4,838101Jun 2013

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