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Monogamous or Polygamous.38524Apr 27
Adultery2,181129Mar 30
US electoral Prresidential system67144Jan 3
Happy New Year43721Jan 1
Who takes the initiatives,corresponding first,after reading a profile.???48723Dec 31
What makes you most happy.????2,58191Oct 2016
Visiting Greek islands.19016Oct 12
Most words starting with???2473May 2017
Marriage regrets???2,28468Dec 2016
Name a Greek island.1,24286Aug 2017
Do you like Rachmaninoff94352Aug 2017
Is George Clooney right????21,292953Feb 2014
Antikythera Mechanism1833Aug 2017
Monogamous or Polygamous???72339Jul 2017
Man or woman,Up in a pedestal.1,61283Jul 2017
VW . Deceived its customers on car emission ???1,40537Sep 2015
How to win the woman or the man of your fansy.3,690160Jul 2016
An Aristotle quote.29,100774Nov 2015
Free.55610Nov 2016
For how long a healthy person.1,40946Nov 2016
Arrest,Prosecute,convict and jail Trump.1,34664Oct 2016
Initial importance. Love or Sex.1,90269Sep 2016
Greek words incorporated in your own language.3406Aug 2016
Permanent Summer Olympics in Greece???2,20872Jul 2016
Is GOD one entity for all religions???2,82886May 2016
Are we following Abr, Maslow's piramide in life???46812Jun 2016
A case of personal survival.96222Apr 2016
Don't make or force your religion upon others.5,265185Apr 2016
"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned"71813Mar 2016
OMG (Oh My God) as an expression.2,09236Feb 2016
Is euthanasia an ethical act.???3,62880Jan 2016
Turkey to Russians.. Violate my air space,for 15 seconds,shoot your planes down.5,923123Nov 2015
Fight terrorism with terror???5,546125Nov 2015
Why smart and talented people,getting into prohibited drugs.3,951135Nov 2015
Have you been adulterous???2,61094Nov 2015
Reasons for adultery??1,59741Nov 2015
ISIS leader sexually abused,a woman hostage.2,49354Aug 2015
Religious islamic defferences between Sunnis and Shia.4,093104Jul 2014
Walter Palmer the dentist who killed Cesil the lion.3,54868Jul 2015
Draconian measaures on Greece by the EU.12,435425Jun 2015

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