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Do you have a pet peeve?66315Aug 2010
Harry Reid is a Dickhead1,61715Jul 2010
Barack Obama: The Great Jobs Killer5,602223Jul 2010
Sometimes, Things Are Not as Bad as They Appear. Look on the Bright Side4341May 2010
Look on the Bright Side Part 22751May 2010
There's Only 2 Ways.....1,48350May 2010
So We Cause Global Warming, Huh?82318Dec 2009
Does Anyone Wonder87327Mar 2010
A Dr. Suess Take on Health Care3100Mar 2010
Guys can't spell1,49140Mar 2010
Obama Flunks5,851270Mar 2010
He Just Can't Let it Go3371Feb 2010
Where is the Happy Medium (Sex)2,75764Jan 2010
Only For People Who Know Everything64614Dec 2009
Time to End Un-Democratic Electoral College!79738Jan 2019
Supreme Justice: Ruth Bader Ginsberg6,312289Oct 2018
Ladies, which foreign accent makes a man sexier?2,09749Oct 2012
Obama or ... do America really want the new Republican landscape?11,6031,006Apr 2011
No contact5,610102Apr 2011
Politics of Obama administration are working ! Support the presindent toward economical Recovery !11,6451,002Mar 2011
Kiss me..............................English lady2,21149Jan 2011
Women That Commit To "One" Pair of Shoes, for LIFE3,336228Jan 2011
Rep. Steve King’s Quest To Fully Repeal Obama Care4,111149Jan 2011
Favorite Sitcoms2,68174Jan 2011
Liberalism: A Misunderstood term3,412111Jan 2011
Why you love Sarah Palin?1,49199Jan 2011
US congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords shot point blank at public meeting21,9491,000Jan 2011
Obama's unpopularity is soaring.3,792138Dec 2010
Affordable health care plan of Obama supports less fortuned America!7,7801,000Dec 2010
TRANSPARENCY in Health Care2,840112Dec 2010
need to vent!!!!1,95544Nov 2010
Tea Party Movement19,8941,000Nov 2010
Government; a necessary evil corrupt in nature?97221Nov 2010
PALIN for Presdient ?3,334104Nov 2010
Obama will win the american presidential ellection of 2012!10,1441,001Nov 2010
so i have never had sex4,060134Oct 2010
Meg Whitman - Another Republican Two-Faced Liar ?1,79562Oct 2010
A young babe hit on me!!2,66473Oct 2010
Which tv star/s from the 80's and 90's did you have a crush on?1,53857Oct 2010
Searching for a missing profile !!!4458Sep 2010

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