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Whatever Your Taste In Music!!18,082543Apr 2016
Are you living, or just merely existing!! ??69247Oct 31
Do You March To The Beat Of Your Own Drum51446Oct 29
An Abundance Of Knowledge!24721Oct 16
Women Rule, Men Serve!! ????95573Sep 28
I Get It Now,It's All One Big Joke!34020Oct 5
Food For Thought!!3862Nov 2015
Can You Believe This!!4,012347Oct 2
Will You Do It In October And Or November!!55451Oct 2
Would You Allow Your Religion Dictate To You About Your Sex Life!!92586Sep 26
Do You Believe In Karma!1,02084Sep 24
Have We Become Like One Big Disfunctional Family, On C/S1,917163Sep 21
Why The Difference!!!!1,253105Sep 18
Crikey, some chemistry!!33225Sep 14
Is my O C D out of control!58240Sep 13
Not a political thread!19413Sep 3
If You Can't Be With The One You Love,Would You Love The One You're With?93079Aug 31
What Would You Do If!!53043Aug 29
Alternative Holidays!!19216Aug 28
Are holiday romances the new online dating94675Aug 26
Trolls& Trolling1,22367Aug 18
Isn't It A Weird Concept!96277Aug 11
Do You Think That A New Relationship Can Withstand,Ex'es, Being Part Of Your Partners Life!91361Aug 5
Can anyone tell me about this?35918Jun 29
Laugh It Off!37825Jun 30
If I Could Read Your Mind,What Would I Read!96677Jul 1
Basic Use Of This Site RE Profiles25717Jun 30
Would You Come off C/S1,27672Apr 25
Does Anyone Have This Problem?82564May 28
What is the nicest thing said to you on the forums?77445May 20
What is the right formula!1,32060Apr 30
Would you leave him/her for this1,24959May 1
What Do You All Think?2479Apr 23
What's New?82948Apr 22
Damn Fine Win At Twickers, Don't You Know,Old Chap!!23419Mar 17
What Is It That You Have Done.67037Mar 12
Does Chatting On The Forums Count1,874110Mar 10
Every,Cloud/Storm/Blizzard Has A Silver Lining!!22612Mar 2
The tables are turning!36316Feb 24
I will name but not shame!!37819Feb 27

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