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Children as Friends4609Dec 2010
"All Because Two People Fell In Love"5462Nov 2010
Children as Friends5933Dec 2010
Do Your Standards Drop With Time?1,88927Nov 2010
The Justice System80212Dec 2010
Loving...and being In Love70218Dec 2010
Donation Kettles5756Dec 2010
A Thing of the Past?5775Dec 2010
Post vs. Poster1,13235Dec 2010
The Christmas Language2925Dec 2010
Survival41711Dec 2010
When Do You Stop?1,54635Dec 2010
Self-Discipline1,03939Dec 2010
Where is the justice...some help here please!1,68554Dec 2010
Where is the justice...some help here please!3973Dec 2010
What part of your body do you think shows your age the most?2,103139Dec 2010
Donation Kettles1,24157Dec 2010
Different Ends of the Spectrum47413Dec 2010
A Thing of the Past?2281Dec 2010
Takes a "village" to raise a child?1,43540Dec 2010
Method Of Introduction4993Nov 2010
Children as Friends59515Dec 2010
Met...on the Internet...96224Dec 2010
Takes a "village" to raise a child?...2830Dec 2010
Innocent!!3624Dec 2010
The Monsters In My Home...47310Dec 2010
This job?...Forever?...2653Dec 2010
Aggresive Women...4,379122Dec 2010
s*xual Chemistry...1,31651Dec 2010
Harmless Flirting...Is It Really??69020Dec 2010
They're Innocent!47718Dec 2010
Not Even Close!!1,13739Dec 2010
Do Your Standards Drop With Time?2,50684Nov 2010
Death4164Nov 2010
Near Sighted...or Far Sighted...1941Nov 2010
Gender Identity by Nurture7201Nov 2010 gotta love 'em!4042Nov 2010
To What Length?48611Nov 2010
Death...97426Nov 2010
Death...33911Nov 2010

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