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If you went out for a dinner date.. who do you think should pay?94920Oct 2007
If your house caught fire... what would you grab to take with you?1,90628Dec 2007
What is the one thing you would most like us to know about you?1,98653Oct 2007
Okay.. It's Sunday, and while we are on a roll.. Ladies.. do you DOVE?6,454272Dec 2007
If someone you knew told you they had HIV or AIDS1,55623Dec 2007
Ladies.. What kind of man are you more attracted to in a group?1,65126Dec 2007
Man poll!.... haha.. Which are you more attracted to?1,66623Dec 2007
If you could travel back through time, what single mistake would you correct in life?1,38841Oct 2007
Do you get on with your ex husband/wife/partner?2,80186Oct 2007
Hmmm.. Just Supposing...3,633141Jan 2008
Tattoos.... nice? or not..6,472139Oct 2007
My best (RL) USA buddy...3,337120Dec 2007
Oo You Tube video rules..6986Jan 2008
Last night on toilet....2,06386Jan 2008
Whats the story behind the profile pic you are showing now?3,485118Jan 2008
Do you want more/any children?2,67678Dec 2007
Smiling.. Men Vs Women..84830Jan 2008
Revenge - Have you ever *Paid someone back?*6,036268Oct 2007
Laides.. have you ever teminated a pregnancy?1,33629Jan 2008
Grrr... Ferr cryin out loud!1,88169Dec 2007
What rocks and sucks?3,710142Dec 2007
Are you a smoker?5,748106Dec 2007
How tall are you?11,212306Nov 2007
Blonde Joke :: yawwwwn:: haha64218Dec 2007
Into which personality’s shoes would you like to step for a day?1,60322Oct 2007
I just had my Christmas *Made* Whooop!1,53533Dec 2007
Would YOU eat raw beef?4,064215Dec 2007
Can you remember the first time you had sex?.. Did the earth move?4,57198Oct 2007
Parents.. are you all ready for Christmas?76414Dec 2007
Are you for or against abortion?6,616146Dec 2007
What do you believe happens after death?2,26641Dec 2007
Are you for or against the death penalty?3,25870Dec 2007
If someone you like had totally opposing religious views to yours..2,67741Dec 2007
Anyone here a Blood - Marrow- Organ donor?2,92088Oct 2007
Ladies: I LOVE this joke.... haha (its quick)1,17220Oct 2007
I've finished work, My house is tidy, I'm BORED today!!1,46974Dec 2007
How patient are you? are you impulsive?2,680106Nov 2007
Do you believe in Star signs?3,663109Nov 2007
Hmm strange...1,06921Nov 2007
What do you think is the most important value in a relationship?5,021104Oct 2007

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