26,000 Sep 212,65780,992
6,250Aug 2016721,621
9,000Mar 2016339,746
30,327Jul 20141025,895
26,600Jan 201476,110
16,350Dec 2013110,277
148,362Apr 930296,548
16,500Oct 2013172,246
3,440Aug 2016235,342
24,20019 hrs ago16,6931,005,986
12,600Apr 2013141,575
11,975Mar 2013691,274
20,900Feb 2013116,342
This is a list of games played by IgorFrankensteen, along with his highest score for each game.
= The star icons mean that IgorFrankensteen achieved the Highest Score for this game.
The # shows how many times He played each game.
The column shows how many times each game was played by the public (all game players).
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