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The Incredible Hulk TV Series Movie

The Incredible Hulk TV Series

Classic - Good stories understandable with good Do...
8970Oct 2013
The Terminator Movie

The Terminator

First one was great. Second one was great 3rd one...
1,1012Oct 2013
Walking Tall Movie

Walking Tall

never seen the original, only seen the remake star...
8831Oct 2013
Family Guy Movie

Family Guy

Unbelievably laugh out loud funny! Amazing when ch...
8850Sep 2013
The A Team Movie

The A-Team

I really didn't think the movie would be very good...
9021Sep 2013
Grown Ups Movie

Grown Ups

have it on dvd, its not great. far from anywhere n...
1,0523Aug 2013
Happy Gilmore Movie

Happy Gilmore

Happy movie, lots of laughter as with many Adam Sa...
8510Aug 2013
My Name Is Earl Movie

My Name Is Earl

Great morals stories tied with crazy backwoods cou...
8980Aug 2013
Without A Paddle Movie

Without A Paddle

not a bad comedy. better than the sequel thats for...
9751Aug 2013
The Green Mile Movie

The Green Mile

Great cast including Mr. Jingles - all with lots o...
9170Nov 2012
Archer Movie


Super clever, witty, funny adult humor. Pay attent...
1,0960Nov 2012
Hogans Heroes Movie

Hogan's Heroes

Great adult humor - clever, witty schemes, plots a...
8710Oct 2012
Inside Man Movie

Inside Man

Keeps you guessing, very interesting, doing the ri...
8100Oct 2012
Canadian Bacon Movie

Canadian Bacon

Very funny great mockery of police miscommunicatio...
8040Sep 2012
Caddyshack Movie


Super funny classic! Who doesn't love that little...
8650Sep 2012
Zombieland Movie


Outstanding - Super character Columbus with great...
8950Sep 2012
Kingpin Movie


Super movie with unexpected twists, great likeable...
7450Sep 2012
1,1843Sep 2012
Austin Powers 1 3 Movie

Austin Powers 1-3

I love these movies! The 1st and 2nd were better t...
8743Sep 2012
The Serpent and the Rainbow Movie

The Serpent and the Rainbow

Great movie, borderline creepy and reality. Nobody...
9460Sep 2012
Joe Dirt Movie

Joe Dirt

Great happy funny movie with Forrest Gump-like she...
7130Sep 2012
Cadence Movie


Excellent story about dumb reality of prejudice an...
8000Aug 2012
Everybody Loves Raymond Movie

Everybody Loves Raymond

This is a vey good show.I find myself laughing ver...
9461Jul 2012
Young Guns I II Movie

Young Guns I/II

1,1182Jul 2012
Enemy Mine Movie

Enemy Mine

This was a such a good movie. I need to go to the...
8751Jul 2012
You Dont Mess With the Zohan Movie

You Don't Mess With the Zohan

Adams Sandler is my most followed entertainer with...
1,3393Jul 2012
The Waterboy Movie

The Waterboy

Great movie with adam sandler in it. Adam plays th...
9231Jul 2012
Theres Something About Mary Movie

There's Something About Mary

really like this movie, the best part is when Mary...
1,3054Jul 2012
Tropic Thunder Movie

Tropic Thunder

I could not stop laughing....
9342Jul 2012
Married With Children Movie

Married With Children

Al Bundy is a hero - a man's man! His character is...
8200Jul 2012
Beverly Hills Ninja Movie

Beverly Hills Ninja

Funny as are most all Chris Farley works, yet with...
7320Jul 2012
Of Mice and Men Movie

Of Mice and Men

I read this book in my englsih class when i was in...
1,0932Jul 2012
Shallow Hal Movie

Shallow Hal

Great movie! Teaches people what is most important...
1,0232Jul 2012
The Bear Movie

The Bear

The respect and code of honor in trust with silent...
7070Jul 2012

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