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White Collar Movie

White Collar

WHITE COLLAR focuses on the unlikely partnership b...
7500Oct 2013
The Walking Dead Movie

The Walking Dead

One of the best series ever...
1,0415Oct 2013
Prison Break Movie

Prison Break

I love the show. Everytime I new episode had came...
1,1461Oct 2013
Titanic Movie


This is my favorite movie in the whole wide world...
7770Oct 2013
August Rush Movie

August Rush

Great flick. There must be a God....
1,4752Oct 2013
World Trade Center Movie

World Trade Center

Nicolas Cage stars in the unforgettable true story...
6200Oct 2013
Law Abiding Citizen Movie

Law Abiding Citizen

A brilliant sociopath (Gerard Butler) orchestrates...
6770Oct 2013
End of Watch Movie

End of Watch

very good movie. its unique in that genre, in that...
6471Oct 2013
Miss Dial Movie

Miss Dial

Erica is a consumer affairs rep who deals with ira...
6500Oct 2013
S W A T Firefight Movie

S.W.A.T.: Firefight

In 2003's pulse-pounding action hit S.W.A.T., two...
6380Oct 2013
The Factory Movie

The Factory

If you don't find the victim of an abduction withi...
6720Oct 2013
the impossible Movie

the impossible

If you don't find the victim of an abduction withi...
6050Oct 2013
House at the End of the Street Movie

House at the End of the Street

have it on dvd, its not bad, had a few creepy scen...
9131Oct 2013
Now You See Me Movie

Now You See Me

Four talented magicians mesmerize an international...
6610Oct 2013

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