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Pretty Woman Movie

Pretty Woman

my all time favorite girlie girl it...
1,1883Oct 2012
8392Feb 2012
P S I Love you Movie

P.S. I Love you

Gotta love the Irish,amazing movie seen it that ma...
7550Nov 2012
Eternal Law Movie

Eternal Law

I love this is so refreshingly differe...
1,0550Feb 2012
As Good As It Gets Movie

As Good As It Gets

"This is a wickedly funny movie, dealing with an i...
3,2381Feb 2012
Joe Kidd Movie

Joe Kidd

Old Clint saves the day again, in this brilliant w...
1,1730Jan 2012
Cowboys Aliens Movie

Cowboys & Aliens

I seen this movie in theaters when it first came o...
1,4061Jan 2012
Two Mules for Sister Sara Movie

Two Mules for Sister Sara

Saw this over Christmas time...I hadn't seen this...
1,1300Jan 2012
Sherlock Holmes Movie

Sherlock Holmes

As a die-hard Sherlock Holmes fan, I was a bit dou...
1,2062Dec 2011
Star Trek Movie

Star Trek.

Trekkie for life!!! This movie is good to brake p...
1,5325Jan 2012
WALL E Movie


I love this movie. I think it's the most romantic...
1,7802Jan 2012
Beginners Movie


Really loved this movie - one of the best...
8931Jan 2012
The Worlds Fastest Indian Movie

The World's Fastest Indian

This movie was inspirational & thoroughly enjoyabl...
1,1422Jan 2012
Twilight Movie


I don't usually follow the crowd when it comes to...
1,0881Jan 2012
The Beaver Movie

The Beaver

hehehe, not real superb but i like the plot....
7941Jan 2012
Big Fish Movie

Big Fish

Saw this over Christmas time....really enjoyed it...
1,1132Dec 2011
The Pursuit of Happyness Movie

The Pursuit of Happyness

another will smith great performance...
1,0872Jan 2011
Mona Lisa Smile Movie

Mona Lisa Smile

Wonderful film...
1,1232Jun 2010
Happy Feet Movie

Happy Feet

Yep....loved this looking forward to se...
1,0741Jan 2012
Leap Year Movie

Leap Year

Amazing movie and journey of love. Will do it this...
7891Jan 2012
Up Movie


I would give this movie 10/10 ... I loved it! It a...
9761Jan 2012
Rio Movie


And i love the spectacular colors....
1,0992Jan 2012
The Holiday Movie

The Holiday

filled with charming, likable actors playing charm...
7700Jan 2012
Micmacs Movie


I knew I was going to like this's direc...
8710Jun 2011
Strange Bedfellows Movie

Strange Bedfellows

"It's no secret that the magical ingredient here i...
1,2000Jun 2011
Charlie Boots Movie

Charlie & Boots

Have been waiting for this film to become availabl...
1,0530Apr 2011
A Life Less Ordinary Movie

A Life Less Ordinary

ha ha....have just watched this film - really funn...
9500Mar 2011
Top Gun Movie

Top Gun

one of my all time favs!...
9142Feb 2011
The Shipping News Movie

The Shipping News

Actually Blooms I must agree,Kate Blankett was ver...
1,1563Feb 2011
A Good Year Movie

A Good Year

Have just watched this movie for the first time an...
1,0550Feb 2011
Kate Leopold Movie

Kate & Leopold

My Aussie dreamboat, Hugh Jackman stars as the gal...
1,0980Jan 2011
The Boys Are Back Movie

The Boys Are Back

Clive Owen delivers a critically acclaimed perform...
9070Jan 2011
The Worlds Fastest Indian Movie

The World's Fastest Indian

it's a very good movie...
2,1988Sep 2009
Amelie Movie


gorgeous film - cinematography, directing, editing...
1,3334Jun 2009
The Christmas Card Movie

The Christmas Card

In the midst of war in Afghanistan Cody Cullen, a...
1,1180Dec 2010
Poirot Murder on the Orient Express Movie

Poirot - Murder on the Orient Express

Wonderful stuff! .... Classic Agatha Christie...
9550Dec 2010
Encounters at the End of the World Movie

Encounters at the End of the World

Have just watched this wonderful documentary by th...
1,1530Dec 2010
Up Movie


Oh, what a wonderful film this was!! For a childre...
1,1160Nov 2010
The Love Letter Movie

The Love Letter

"a low-key but surprisingly rich and touching film...
1,0120Oct 2010
Adam Movie


A gem of a film...yet another little treasure over...
8750Oct 2010

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