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Record Company Rita Mae Music

Record Company: Rita Mae

Exercising my own demon...
2100Mar 2019
2050Mar 2019
Depeche Mode Personal Jesus Music

Depeche Mode: Personal Jesus

Ash Wednesday revelations...
1610Mar 2019
2280Mar 2019
Moody Blues I know Music

Moody Blues: I know

I know you are out there somewhere...
1730Mar 2019
2611Mar 2019
Peter Gabriel Your Eyes Music

Peter Gabriel: Your Eyes

Truth and Peace...
1930Mar 2019
Pete Townsend Let My Love Open The Door Music

Pete Townsend: Let My Love Open The Door

Nice rendition 12 String?...
1600Mar 2019
2901Mar 2019
Avicii Magic call from a pretty thing Music

Avicii: Magic call ( from a pretty thing)

Remembering your inner beauty and joy...
2741Mar 2019
George Benson Masquerade Music

George Benson: Masquerade

My status today.....
1910Feb 2019
Oregon Thanks To YT Music

Oregon: Thanks To YT

Like the mix...
1840Feb 2019
3371Feb 2019
The Roots Seed 2 0 Music

The Roots: Seed 2.0

Your garden's planted by the sun and moon cycles.(...
2161Feb 2019
The Roots Dear God 2 0 Music

The Roots: Dear God 2.0

Yep I know you have your reason....
1950Feb 2019
Peabo Bryson Show n Tell Music

Peabo Bryson: Show 'n Tell

Tell her what you want. It is the same as asking...
1990Feb 2019
Aaliyah One in a million Music

Aaliyah: One in a million

This song is for giving your man his feels....
1900Feb 2019
Gentle Soul Be your higher self Music

Gentle Soul: Be your higher self

Uniqueness takes strength because others will be d...
1960Feb 2019
The Delegation Oh Honey Music

The Delegation: Oh Honey

Old school groove and slow grinds...
2110Feb 2019
The Delfonics Didnt I blow your mind this time Music

The Delfonics: Didn't I blow your mind this time

Yyyyyyaaaaasssss again and again. Supra!...
1690Feb 2019
1990Feb 2019
Snarky Puppy Lingus Music

Snarky Puppy: Lingus

My recent discovery of this group ; jazz fusion....
2000Feb 2019
Singer of the Chalice Card Higher Love Music

Singer of the Chalice Card: Higher Love

Unless you have been there... Overflowing Heart...
3151Feb 2019
Your love keeps lifting me higher Thank you Music

Your love keeps lifting me higher: Thank you

Sung by Jackie Wilson Happy Valentine's Day XOX...
1800Feb 2019
Al Green Lets stay together Music

Al Green: Let's stay together

He is going on tour this year!...
2060Feb 2019
Hall and Oates Standing in the shadows of love Music

Hall and Oates: Standing in the shadows of love

From 2004 Album Our kind of Soul Four Tops/Motown...
1600Feb 2019
You cant hurry love Phil Collins Music

You can't hurry love: Phil Collins

In response to my Soul Train post.The Motown influ...
1950Feb 2019
Lauren Hill Tell Him Music

Lauren Hill: Tell Him

Sweet sweet loving feels......
1930Feb 2019
Peabo Bryson If ever Music

Peabo Bryson: If ever

A classic romance song...
3781Jan 2019
Lionel Ritchie Three Times a Lady Music

Lionel Ritchie: Three Times a Lady

The most beautifully written sentiment...
2000Jan 2019
Soul Train BET latest TV series Music

Soul Train: BET latest TV series

Nothing was as influential as Soul Train and Motow...
3211Jan 2019
Staycation As above so below Music

Staycation: As above, so below

Relaxation fluidity...
2140Jan 2019
One U too Music

One: U too

Mary J Blige...
2290Jan 2019
Love Folder Music

Love: Folder

Relax and love yourself first....
2120Jan 2019
2040Jan 2019
Minds Rapport Music

Minds: Rapport

That is how it is....
2560Jan 2019
Two 2Tango Music

Two: 2Tango

A mess or gentle kiss...
2470Jan 2019
Wherever you will go In your heart Music

Wherever you will go: In your heart

Our love will always bring me back to you...
2450Jan 2019
Only you Is all I need Music

Only you: Is all I need

About Sums it up...
2320Jan 2019
Fire on Fire I know Music

Fire on Fire: I know

What is romance without Fire...
2000Jan 2019

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