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Steve Lacy Playground Music

Steve Lacy: Playground

A happy, trippy video in psychedelic style!...
400Jun 28
Lana Del Rey Mariners Apartment Complex Music

Lana Del Rey: Mariners Apartment Complex

Beautiful, sweet love song... awesome melody....
500Jun 28
Caroline Rose Bikini Music

Caroline Rose: Bikini

Mocking the Hollywood beauty standards. Welcome to...
390Jun 28
Courtney Barnett Everybody Here Hates You Music

Courtney Barnett: Everybody Here Hates You

Young Australian artist, pretty awesome guitar pla...
560Jun 28
Wajatta Dont Let Get You Down Music

Wajatta: Don’t Let Get You Down

Joyful bouncy new tune! Don't let (anything) get y...
230Jun 28
Caroline Rose Do You Think Well Last Forever Music

Caroline Rose: Do You Think We’ll Last Forever

Heard this playing on the college radio station. L...
450Jun 27
Moonchild The List Music

Moonchild: The List

A magical jazzy trip about unrequited love... love...
690Mar 4
Cindy Wilson of the B 52s Things Id Like to Say Music

Cindy Wilson (of the B-52's): Things I'd Like to Say

Sweet psychedelic sound, I love the percussion and...
530Mar 3
The B 52s Dance This Mess Around Music

The B-52s: Dance This Mess Around

Joy and magic in their writing and performance. Ci...
550Mar 3
Crash Kings Mountain Man Music

Crash Kings: Mountain Man

Whoa.. his booming voice, those drums, that chord...
960Nov 2019
The Ting Tings Thats Not My Name Music

The Ting Tings: That's Not My Name

I love this upbeat song! Tho it's about isolation...
870Nov 2019
Joni Mitchell In France They Kiss On Main Street Music

Joni Mitchell: In France They Kiss On Main Street

OMG! Awesome Joni Mitchell, with Jaco Pastorius on...
1090May 2019
Joni Mitchell Coyote Music

Joni Mitchell: Coyote

Pure mellow classic magic from back in the day....
1380May 2019
WAR Cisco Kid Music

WAR: Cisco Kid

WAR fused Rock, Jazz, Funk, Latin and R&B in this...
760May 2019
Rare Earth I Know Im Losing You Music

Rare Earth: (I Know) I'm Losing You

Freaking amazing cover of the Temptations' song. T...
960May 2019
10CC The Worst Band In The World Music

10CC: The Worst Band In The World

Amazing British rock band spoofing on themselves -...
950Apr 2019
Prince The Beautiful Ones Music

Prince: The Beautiful Ones

The Sexiest Song EVER! Prince baring his soul for...
1381Apr 2019
1120Apr 2019
TRAFFIC The Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys Music

TRAFFIC: The Low Spark Of High-Heeled Boys

This is badass street-level jazz......
850Apr 2019
Emerson Lake Palmer From the Beginning Music

Emerson, Lake & Palmer: From the Beginning

God... so mesmerizing. Brings back beautiful memor...
1972Apr 2019
Steely Dan Black Cow Music

Steely Dan: Black Cow

"When it seems so clear, that it's over now..."...
820Apr 2019
Cayur EP 2012 Music

Cayur: EP (2012)

Cayur is pure genius. Seriously. This is post/hard...
1160Apr 2019
Eric Johnson Venus Isle Live Music

Eric Johnson: Venus Isle - Live

It doesn't get any better than this, this guy is f...
2082Apr 2019
Pat Metheny Last Train Home Acoustic Music

Pat Metheny: Last Train Home - Acoustic

This magnificent guitar piece takes you to another...
1431Apr 2019
Bruce Hornsby the Range Across the River Music

Bruce Hornsby & the Range: Across the River

I always loved this hopeful, soulful song!...
790Apr 2019
Neil Diamond Holly Holy Music

Neil Diamond: Holly Holy

Powerful song, one of Neil's best, his spiritual t...
960Apr 2019
Joe Jackson Steppin Out Music

Joe Jackson: Steppin' Out

Joe Jackson at his best - this song makes my heart...
1010Apr 2019
Annie Lennox Cold Music

Annie Lennox: Cold

Passionate lyrics powerfully sung by the beautiful...
1040Apr 2019
VAST Blue Music

VAST: Blue

Fascinating, haunting melody beautifully sung by J...
990Apr 2019
Eels Novocaine For The Soul Music

Eels: Novocaine For The Soul

There's a really long introduction to this song (i...
890Apr 2019
Big Data Dangerous Live version Music

Big Data: Dangerous - Live version

Big Data live on the rooftop at the Historic Holly...
1090Apr 2019
Moonchild Cure Music

Moonchild: Cure

Beautiful soulful love song, Amber Navran's voice...
960Apr 2019
Simple Minds Sanctify Yourself Music

Simple Minds: Sanctify Yourself

Over 30 yrs old and this song still rocks! Simple...
950Apr 2019
Doves Winter Hill Music

Doves: Winter Hill

From Doves - Kingdom of Rust album...
990Apr 2019
Beck Colors Music

Beck: Colors

It's Beck - what more needs to be said?...
940Apr 2019
The Shelters Rebel Heart Music

The Shelters: Rebel Heart

I heard this over the speaker in a department stor...
1140Apr 2019
Beck Dreams Music

Beck: Dreams

I love this upbeat, energized Beck tune! It's one...
1120Mar 2019

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