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James Morrison Precious Love Music

James Morrison: Precious Love

James Morrison Catchpole is an English singer, son...
640Jan 2022
Cold Play Fix You Music

Cold Play: Fix You

Lyrics: When you try your best, but you don't suc...
810Jan 2022
Snow Patrol Chasing Cars Music

Snow Patrol: Chasing Cars

This poetry is so beautiful set to thi music....
1000Jan 2022
Prentenders Ill Stand By You Music

Prentenders: I'll Stand By You

The song is a power ballad that pledges love and f...
780Jan 2022
Taylor Swift All too Well Music

Taylor Swift: All too Well

So beautiful a ballad! Poetry so awesome!...
900Nov 2021
Ray LaMontagne I Was Born To Love You Music

Ray LaMontagne: I Was Born To Love You

Another awesome guitar song by Ray!...
840Nov 2021
Jasper Steverlinck Thats Not How Dreams Are Made Music

Jasper Steverlinck: That's Not How Dreams Are Made

Such a mellow beautiful voice and the music is eth...
870Nov 2021
Van Morrison and Eric Clapton Where Have All The Rebels Gone Music

Van Morrison and Eric Clapton: Where Have All The Rebels Gone

Title is sufficient! Look at where we are today wo...
2261Nov 2021
Leonard Cohen Puppets Official Video Music

Leonard Cohen: Puppets (Official Video)

"so much of the world is plunged in darkness and c...
1320Nov 2021
Leonard Cohen Hallelujah Live In London Music

Leonard Cohen: Hallelujah (Live In London)

It's Leonard Cohen, enough said!...
1000Nov 2021
Passenger Somebodys Love Music

Passenger: Somebody's Love

Love this song! Beautiful vid and poetry....
1841Nov 2021
Bob Seger Weve Got Tonight Music

Bob Seger: We've Got Tonight

Bob Seger is the epitome of depth, his music is aw...
760Nov 2021
Amos Lee Arms of a Woman Music

Amos Lee: Arms of a Woman

Spending days alone! Hope there are men that under...
760Nov 2021
Ray LaMontagne Let It Be Me Music

Ray LaMontagne: Let It Be Me

the Poetry and music is heartfelt!...
1160Nov 2021
Bob Segar Shame on the Moon Music

Bob Segar: Shame on the Moon

The harmony, words and piano are just such a peace...
1821Oct 2021
Ray Montagne Such A Simple Thing Music

Ray Montagne: Such A Simple Thing

Beautiful poetry set to melodic soft music! The wo...
1230Oct 2021
Damien RIce I Dont Want To Change You Music

Damien RIce: I Don't Want To Change You

Love this Irish singer! He is quite a musician and...
1190Oct 2021
David Gray This Years Love Music

David Gray: This Year's Love

Another favorite from David Gray, I loved the rain...
1200Oct 2021
David Gray Sail Away Music

David Gray: Sail Away

I am very partial to my Celtic heritage and the si...
840Oct 2021
The Bahamas All The Time Music

The Bahamas: All The Time

Very Funky music and rhythmic!...
950Oct 2021
The Bahamas Lost In The Light Music

The Bahamas: Lost In The Light

The music is hypnotizing and the lyrics the best!...
1891Oct 2021
The Eagles Desperado Music

The Eagles: Desperado

To all the men out there looking for something and...
1761Oct 2021
Van Morrison Someone Like You Music

Van Morrison: Someone Like You

One of my favorite Irish singers!...
2070Oct 2021
1771Oct 2020
Five TImes Agust Silent War Music

Five TImes Agust: Silent War

"now they win, because all of us lose" If you love...
1050Aug 2021
Jason Mraz Beautiful Mess Music

Jason Mraz: Beautiful Mess

Relationships! Do we still have the chance to have...
980Aug 2021
Pat Green Wave on Wave Music

Pat Green: Wave on Wave

We're all looking for redemption and a happy endin...
880Aug 2021
Bruce Sprinsteen Dancing in the Dark Music

Bruce Sprinsteen: Dancing in the Dark

Can't start a fire without a spark!...
1260Aug 2021
Chainsmokers and Cold Play Something Just Like This Music

Chainsmokers and Cold Play: Something Just Like This

"How much you want to risk" that is the question,...
1020Aug 2021
Bruce Springsteen If I Should Fall Behind Music

Bruce Springsteen: If I Should Fall Behind

The lyrics say it all, Poetry set to the beautiful...
1300Aug 2021
Bruce Springsteen Secret Garden Music

Bruce Springsteen: Secret Garden

From Jerry McGuire movie one of the most beautiful...
980Aug 2021
Van Morrison Someone Like You Music

Van Morrison: Someone Like You

Searching for Someone exactly like you. Not found...
770Aug 2021

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