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Marillion Script for a Jesters Tear Music

Marillion: Script for a Jester's Tear

I saw Fish last year. Great concert....
6151May 2009
Running Wild The Rivalry Music

Running Wild: The Rivalry

One of the best German bands ever!...
1,0061Aug 2014
Alice Cooper Hey Stoopid Music

Alice Cooper: Hey Stoopid

4490Oct 2012
6501Oct 2012
7040Jul 2012
Tears For fears Tears for fears Music

Tears For fears: Tears for fears

"I like this" that the best you can do? C'...
5891Feb 2012
Manowar kings of Metal Music

Manowar: kings of Metal

Hail to the Kings!...
8312Sep 2011
Agalloch Ashes Against The Grain Music

Agalloch: Ashes Against The Grain

This band has a great semi-doom style with their g...
3750Jun 2009
The Police Greatest Hits Music

The Police: Greatest Hits

Always liked em,,,hope you do too!!!!...
5470Jan 2012
Dire Straits Making Movies Music

Dire Straits: Making Movies

"From Cullercoats and Whitley Bay"!...
1,0364Apr 2009
Midnight Oil Diesel Dust Music

Midnight Oil: Diesel & Dust

Incredible band. They remind me of a hurrican such...
1,0931Dec 2011
5490Dec 2011
DIO Holy Diver Music

DIO: Holy Diver

The Grand Wizard of Classic Rock...
4920Dec 2011
Dio Sacred Heart Music

Dio: Sacred Heart

A Heavy Metal masterpiece that always reminds me o...
5520Dec 2011
Kiss Double Platinum Music

Kiss: Double Platinum

Personal favorite tracks on this 1978 release from...
8070Nov 2011
3420Oct 2011
Coldplay A Rush of Blood to the Head Music

Coldplay: A Rush of Blood to the Head

check out the music on my profile (options on the...
5621Oct 2011
Coldplay Shiver Music

Coldplay: Shiver

check out more music i like on my profile...
5610Oct 2011
The Cult Pure Cult Music

The Cult: Pure Cult

Are you serious? "Heart of Soul"is the one,,Incide...
7361Oct 2011
Dire Straits Love over Gold Music

Dire Straits: Love over Gold

Dire Straits best album no question,,,best track f...
4410Nov 2011


They d'ont make music like this anymore!!!...
9423May 2011
Korpiklaani Karkelo Music

Korpiklaani: Karkelo

No matter what mood I am in this band always makes...
3940Jan 2011
Sacred Spirit Chants and Dances of the Native Americans Music

Sacred Spirit: Chants and Dances of the Native Americans

postin more vids to this.............................
5110Oct 2011
The Cult Sonic Temple Music

The Cult: Sonic Temple

Yip,,not bad at all,,,,,...
7021Jul 2011
Thor Only the Strong Music

Thor: Only the Strong

This album reminds me of my childhood. Just love i...
7840Jul 2011
Skyclad The Answer Machine Music

Skyclad: The Answer Machine?

If you want to hear the band that created the folk...
5690Jul 2011
The Sisters of Mercy First And Last And Always Music

The Sisters of Mercy: First And Last And Always

Sisters of Mercy´s debut album is a true gem. And...
4680Jul 2011
4670Jul 2011
The Prophetess Dichotomy Music

The Prophetess: Dichotomy

their second and last album. Highly recommended fo...
8110Jul 2011
The Prophetess The Prophetess Music

The Prophetess: The Prophetess

hard to believe that this amazing band is from USA...
4670Jul 2011
Skyclad Oui Avant Garde A Chance Music

Skyclad: Oui Avant-Garde A Chance

The apparently nonsensical French album title is a...
5770Jul 2011
Skyclad The Silent Whales of Lunar Sea Music

Skyclad: The Silent Whales of Lunar Sea

The fifth album of this awesome British Folk Metal...
5200Jul 2011
Skyclad Folkemon Music

Skyclad: Folkemon

Their last album with Martin Walkyier on vocals. L...
5500Jul 2011
Skyclad Irrational Anthems Music

Skyclad: Irrational Anthems

Folk Metal on its best, Skyclad on their best....
6250Jun 2011
Maiden Live After Death Music

Maiden: Live After Death

84-85 World Slavery Tour- 01/04/1985 Joe Louis Are...
4390Jun 2011
3820Jun 2011
Maiden Brave new world Music

Maiden: Brave new world

Again I mostly liked the first few songs....
3950Jun 2011
Maiden Piece of mind Music

Maiden: Piece of mind

Classic maiden....
4220Jun 2011
4330Jun 2011
3950Jun 2011

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