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Mysteries of the Earth

Abstract of life....

0 30 Sep 18

A Harvest Moonrise

The sights and sounds of late summer........

7 225 Sep 14

Still Waiting For You (Revised)

All the promises never keep me from searching....

2 120 Sep 8


Metaphors for love...

4 178 Jul 29

Cueva Oculta

Inside your soul is like being a cave.... Mindfulness....

2 126 Jul 29

My Woman is A Wild Flower

To the one I want so much...

22 948 Jul 19

Mother-of-Pearl Cloud

A rare and unusual rolling 'wave-like' cloud formation is a mother-of-pearl cloud....

5 530 Jun 26


Reflections on Faith and Fate....

3 216 Jun 21

One Alone

We are all just time travelers such as a shooting star....

1 149 May 7

Cueva Oculta

Being inside the earth is like being inside yourself...

2 202 Mar 17

The Rusted Shovel

Reflecting on old relationships....

2 190 Feb 28

Under The Same Star

Everyone of us belongs here with each other. How we choose to reflect on that simple fact is a matter of perspective that I am sharing with you....

8 305 Feb 12

Lone Wolf

Winter survival...

5 249 Feb 7

A Throwing Stone

The life and times of a beach stone made for skipping once in the span of humanity on earth. Okay..maybe twice.......

4 352 Feb 5

The Plain Truth

Personifying truth...

2 310 Feb 5

Waiting For You

Missing the feeling of love...

1 624 Aug 31

Make You Wonder

Reflections on Memorial Day........

1 505 May 29

A Stone Wall

Spring in the New England woods...

2 457 May 18

Dark Rainbows

An unusual event........

6 546 May 17

Lost is Love

Nothing unusual...

9 649 Apr 25

Day By Night and Night By Day

Abstract on day and night........

5 661 Apr 3

Searching for Love

The poem depicts a person walking down a beach filled with uncertainty searching for any clues about the direction and discovery of love....

13 677 Mar 28

The Welcomed Migrant

Nature's only border is survival....

3 627 Mar 23

Time Running Away

A poem about time as perpetual motion all coming from a single source, our sun....

5 666 Jul 11

A Smile Brought To Mind

A little poem about remembrance for all we are and say….I am often inspired by simple country life here in the New England countryside and sharing a l...

13 663 May 15

Love Comes Around

A poem about giving and taking experiences that last a lifetime....

8 568 May 10

Dance of Spring

Abstracts of love……....

11 567 Apr 27


After the eruption envisioned on a remote oceanic island.......

3 449 Apr 25

Leaping Leprechaun

Happy St Patrick's Day. If anyone knows how to contact my dear friend Martina (RaptureCapture) please share this with her and tell her I miss her very...

7 501 Apr 24

Untamed Wisdom

Spring arrivals of waves and waves of returning songbirds across the northern New England countryside....

6 461 Apr 20

Spring Breeze

Springtime Romance !! So .....let someone know how you feel about them, but ever so gently!! ok?...

15 742 Apr 16

Gramma's Chair (an Easter Poem)

A little nostalgia in memory and and respect of my long departed Grandmother who taught me many things at a very early age about life. Happy Easter Gr...

12 781 Apr 16

Love Does Not Pretend

Loneliness during times of sickness, you really discover who’s your friend....

10 547 Apr 15


Free speech...

5 714 Apr 9

A Song of Spring

Just a little rumbling about spring which will eventually get here I hope.......

8 552 Mar 31


Just a little spin on friendship.......

5 578 Mar 31

Dark Eyed Baby Robin

Spring is finding a cracked robin's egg lying in the long dark green grass. Any piece of shell with a delicate pale blue if it catches my at...

2 361 Mar 29

Dancing Alone

A poem about lost love....

10 553 Mar 27

Flight of a Dove

Agreement. (c) Yankee4you 2015...

1 471 Mar 18


When I have traveled this far Holding on to some cause Finding something sweet In another dimension Folding back upon nothing Frozen in space I...

4 431 Mar 12

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