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The Room

It was the only thing left in the now empty room A room devoid of colour, or even a window The only source of light a single hanging globe And th...

1 21 13 hrs


Like to let my mind wander in different directions and see what it comes up with...

6 113 14 hrs

Pearl Necklace

Slowly life leaves her Not willingly Fighting For every breath As she drops to the ground The strand breaks And the pearls cascade Around h...

5 133 Nov 7


An ABC poem or also known as an Alphabet poem...

2 47 Nov 7

The Gobbledoth

The Murray River is a large river in Australia....the town Murray Bridge is locally known as The Bridge.......

5 657 Nov 2

The Gobbledoth II

I’m stuck out here, no sign of life This car they sold me broken With dying of sun’s last light I remember about tales spoken No moon tonight,...

0 27 Nov 2

Between The Floors

So many people disappear off the face of the Earth that it makes you wonder where they go...

8 485 Oct 22

Hello Ladies

Please if you like to save me time just send money via American Express to Abu Bahari Many thanks sweet Ladies I come quick to you...

21 682 Oct 22


Just some fun name places in Australia...

7 131 Oct 22

Please nice lady

I could not help myself. After receiving about the tenth email today I had to let my humour run loose. One was from a woman from 'England' claiming to...

8 325 Oct 16

Letter to Happygolucky4u

I'm sorry Happygolucky4u that this ended up here but I passed it on to you as quickly as possible....

3 263 Oct 16


The pounding of the gavel can be heard Throughout the land, or so it is said Nothing but truth here shall be spoke By no word or action to be misle...

1 116 Oct 16


Lonely nights when I sit and stare, a blank wall and there is nothing there. Over and over I pray and hope, will tonight...

7 126 Oct 16


A sad fact is that the homeless and destitute in our society might as well be ghosts. They are mostly ignored and overlooked as if they did not exist....

2 89 Oct 10

Fine to Dine

acrostic - Cannibal...

3 73 Oct 8


Just a bit of fun...

3 121 Sep 16


Deep down she floats into the murky depths Ever deeper surrounded by the stench of decay Before she even r...

3 79 Sep 3


What is empty? Emptiness is but a chance To fill up with life...

0 70 Sep 2


Day bows out, night comes in And the music slowly fades Falling mist, sight grows dim The windows close their shades All’s been said No more to...

4 120 Aug 19

The Quest

A long, long time ago, it was in the days of old When women were dainty and knights were bold Lived a fire breathing demon, or so the legend is told...

8 692 Aug 12

The Dance

Bonus points for those that can work out tbe meaning...

8 526 Apr 12

How The World Was Created (or Gundahwandi)

Come with me to days gone past Before the world was formed I will tell you how it came about The land and all the creatures The sky was dark, no...

9 362 Feb 4

Shut The Hell Up

Singing in the shower Singing my song Cats are caterwauling Dogs howling along Rooster is crowing Wants to drown me out Magpies are calling Suc...

90 30,270 Jan 13


From moment of birth the rot sets in We know our days are numbered For some the days in thousands count While others with shortness lumbered Lif...

2 207 Jan 11

The Tree

Rising high into the sky For centuries stood the tree Bound by...

6 381 Aug 14

Black Angel

Originally written for a contest about angels...

6 648 Aug 9

Beware, Beware

Everywhere I go I am reminded as to what is coming up...

7 812 Aug 9

On This Day

With trembling hands he opened up The package before him lay Woul...

1 284 Aug 7

secrets? what secrets?

I read 'secrets' and could't help myself to comment on it...

8 901 Jan 18

Today I Saw Death

A person I know was recently told that he had less than a month left to live...

10 963 Nov 28

What is Love

Someone said that love is a madness without any cure.....then let me be mad and not cured..lol...

4 754 Oct 29

Competition de Flatus

Thank goodness I was in the back row and managed to crawl out...

3 714 Apr 28


The eternal question ... what if you had but hours left to live...

7 706 Apr 21

My Mother’s Husband

This is about someone that I knew many years ago when I had my counselling practice...

6 665 Feb 15

The Façade

Beneath a sky of blazing red She twists and turns in agony The pain so keen from feet it starts Like on broken glass she’s walking The scream th...

2 585 Feb 14


Time stood still as she looked around And wondered where she was Her mind was blank, there was nothing there No name, nor who she was All around...

10 603 Feb 11

Lover's Lament

A friend of mine has suddenly found himself in this situation ... It is out of that sad situation that this was born...

10 723 Feb 9

The Feast

“It’s time to feed,” said she With a wicked grin As her fangs she exposed By moonlight’s glint He could see Saliva dripping from Cool breez...

2 569 Jan 4

The Traveller

Backwards and forwards through time he travels Each day much like the other He continues to seek but does not discover This burden is so hard to...

5 685 Dec 23

Lament Of Yesteryear

Dream your dreams of yesteryear When you were young and free Drown your sorrows in your cup And cry for all that’s been Let those tears from you...

16 881 Dec 23

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