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Heaven Seekers

2914Aug 2012

My animal

thanx for the idea LadyM...
3998Aug 2012

Off The Beaten Track

2891Aug 2012

What if I Told You

2161Aug 2012

lost hope

My soul has clouded. I do not care. Hope is gone, but so is despair. A neutral being is what I'...
2610Aug 2012

My Mind

Where is it gone, come back to me now. I'm lost without you, I don't know how, life will continu...
2591Aug 2012

Lullaby Lady

This is actually a song I wrote for guitar. Not sure if I like it though...
2803Aug 2012

The Coven

When the world turns 'round, and the moon looks down and the river cries and weeps. Then on a fat...
3013Aug 2012

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