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What Is Real.

Spirl all the way down, Yet as cheerful as a clown. Mind expanded due to the drugs, I'm not goi...
2871Aug 2012

Rise Up

Burned into the night, never have complete control to get this right. Seen death conspire right...
2020Aug 2012

Stop The Negative.

Like wind in my face you keep pushing the negative I've done in my face, Ikeep hearing you and tha...
1600Aug 2012

My Idea.

You act like you know everything. Like your decisions and chocies are correct and you feel like yo...
1920Aug 2012

I Lossed Another Fool.

Don't want to believe this is the end. Too much and too complicated to start again. Every single...
1590Aug 2012

Tasty Fantasy.

Sitting here can't distinguish what's real, Still tring to figure out what's the deal. Everythin...
5160Aug 2012

Funny To See You Again.

Ignorance on a smart kick, telling the the ignorant but they seem to get pissed. Hate to be the...
1960Aug 2012

Love What You Always Did.

What's my role in this if i'm not making it? Never ending battle to win it. but win what? Mainst...
1690Aug 2012

Come Again.

So many familiar personalities come, stay, then go in this reality Watched as backstabbers esca...
2000Aug 2012

Are You Impossible?

What you admire to me is expired, It's sad to see what you looked up to retired. You set yoursel...
1780Aug 2012

One Day.

To the bottom onlt to find my advantages, I've found my calling now to peel off these bandages....
1730Aug 2012


Who are you to give advice? When you're also skating on thin ice, Maybe a lot of times I don't m...
1740Aug 2012


Just relized I've been in this dance solo, since you let go of me I've felt way too low. I've le...
2070Aug 2012

Will it ever end

The extended wait for it all, The million mile deep dark hole only seems to get deeper as I fall....
1590Aug 2012

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