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Online or in person, we can be fooled. We don't have to meet someone face to face to have an inside...
2020Dec 2012

Missing You

Never leave anything unsaid. When you love someone, say it. When you miss someone, say it. Life is f...
2142Nov 2012

Touch Me

After I first posted my Touch Me poem in October in the Blogs, an amazingly talented man in Spain, w...
1912Nov 2012


Sometimes, one person, whose looks, voice, behavior and presence, can suddenly, and often permanentl...
2091Nov 2012


Love does NOT mean "never having to say you're sorry." When you make a mistake, apologize. You may n...
2442Nov 2012

I Think of You

Friendship is the most important relationship we can cultivate, outside of our nuclear family circle...
2010Nov 2012

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