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love hurts

pain commenced an evil twist some call it fate others call it woe this to me you bestow a change of heart this is the start as my mind goes to a...

25 625 Apr 23

Middle earth bites back

how i see the world today changing for the worse...

2 132 Apr 23

Heaven or Hell

thinking back on past pain...

29 602 Feb 2

a man to a woman

its like being born in a whole new world magical a womans thoughts like a mans no one will ever know from minute to minute they shif one way th...

21 468 Oct 30

Knowing Right From Wrong

The truth hides in their sins...

4 840 Oct 30

Kissing magic joy

unrhymed tercets...

2 251 Oct 30

Hearts Queen takes stage loving you

Silver shines back one picture of a goddess centre stage before the eyes enters soul to soul realm standing purely hot blue flames ignite every ga...

6 290 Sep 23

Tear Drops

Putting down sword of truth falling from dark clouds true blue feelings you draw from the deep ocean curling waves warmly galloping summer wind w...

18 997 Sep 8

The Sunflower Rises

Conquering new territories climbing up the stairway new beginnings hanging on the edge of a dream an empire arises from dark ashes flash petals catc...

8 769 Sep 6

Princess of the moon sighs

written unrhymed couplets...

10 381 Aug 29

Pulsing Highest Note Distant Love Sings

The highest wave hence seven syllables beginning soaring into cloud nine syllables creating waves warmly peak couplets join as two in one drea...

8 1,119 Aug 26


A gift from God holding the right side of man one companion blushing Heaven's sky sweet rose From the garden of Eden under a tree branches spring...

4 584 Aug 16


On Valentine's day with a flowering dream Blossoming inside the mind's eye beautiful I wrote this for you Picture perfect thought As the ch...

3 553 Feb 26

Snow White

mirror mirror...

28 1,018 Nov 5

Beating Drum Rolls

a couplet...

6 688 Sep 22

Faraway Dream Forever Shines

Sailing a kiss to you my dearest lady soft and gentle winds gently they carry me away starry eyes glisten pearl drops on fragrant memories sailing...

10 752 Sep 22

Mysterious Beauty

this poem was a plesure writing with you mike it stands out always in my mind...

9 702 Sep 21

Name of the beast

his name is on everyones lips everything comes in three,s including wars the next one will finish us...

6 625 Sep 19

Dream blossoms pure

One day a flower entered blushing red petals kiss giving birth to warm feelings blossoming beautiful emotions Sweet breeze of summer whispers...

5 661 Aug 11

Singing Blue Blazes

one dream will always catch fire love a couplet...

9 805 Aug 3

All Seeing Eye Of Truth

someone really close to me inspired this piece...

11 890 Aug 2


Sinking like the titanic...

12 725 Aug 2

Bells of an angel rings

You're a little angel whom always brings a warm smile When sunshine flowers with a radiant glowing beam carnations blossom fluttering petals...

10 786 Jul 11

First love

Captivating treasures a class act to follow in the face of such amazing beauty shines out sparkling on such a dream Just to touch you hone...

12 689 Jul 11

Silver whispers

One night I saw a shooting star flashing golden memories wishing for someone beautiful just like you babe Dazzling dreams each night silver...

12 807 Jul 8

black rose

To you black rose Look deep into the centre The very inner depth colourless beauty From a pack of lies Left with the thorns, scratching...

24 858 Jul 5

tsuami of love

depth of love...

8 625 Jul 5

Holds beauty

Holds You Beauty Prisoners of souls as the wolf howls faraway dreams in starlight thoughts To a princess over a cold moon and back dark clouds t...

16 975 Jun 15

Starlight Kiss

an unrhymed couplet...

14 757 Jun 15

Treasure Shining

a silver creeping mist falling a cloud capping the mountain like a great waterfall flowing in a faraway distance i began dreaming g...

14 734 Feb 22

Our space forever held

Important blooming beautiful in you deep inside true loving the time I spend in your company please never doubt me in what I have said Reall...

13 550 Feb 14

morning has spoken love

Most beautiful honey deep inside the pot sweetly stirring thoughts feelings velvet satin fluttering soft touching sweetly emotions smile Brea...

16 629 Feb 11

Frozen Howl

Inside a knowledge turning cogs on this wheel born from the darkness a heart rules supreme fear in one wish looking towards tunnel light love All t...

15 862 Feb 4

Always Beautiful Queen

Do you know darling to treat one with respect loving most precious jewel Through light of rainbows one royal gem kissing fingertips Queen flutte...

14 798 Feb 4

Beholding Beauty

Amazing snowflake unique pure in deep beauty melting within deep warmness always trusting fate Adoring one pulse in a million skips climbing ste...

10 620 Feb 3

Love on the rocks

10 syllable by 10 syllable one in a hundred then 10 syllable rising to twelve midnight dreams...

14 615 Jan 29

She Grasps the Heart Sweetly

I am running away eloping with you sweet love inside the mind Silently breathing ore sighs A golden whisper blowing honey melting treasure...

10 576 Jan 29

Drawing dream love

Water dripping mist a shawl falling over embracing love you got me honey all tied up smiling one gem treasured gift together a great ocean wav...

24 628 Jan 26

Happy Birthday Jesus

seventh heaven 7 cloud nine 9 in the heavens perfect ten 10 ending in a heavenly note syllables 7/7/9/9 repeat 9/9/9/9 9./9/10/10 10/10/10/...

23 727 Jan 19

Greatest Gift

wrote in a 9/12 syllable count...

10 565 Jan 14

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