Thoughts of my beautiful daughter that nothing but death can erase....
1789Apr 15

Leave All To Him

Its all we can do when we are weighed down by pain and sorrow..Leave all to Him....
1635Mar 29

Raining In My Heart

My life that has turned awry...sad thoughts....
1455Mar 14

Beautiful Bookmarks

My past Life.....my children( the Beautiful Bookmarks)Was sitting alone in my room at 11.45pm though...
2404Jul 2017

What the heart feels ( Loss of my daughter)

Thinking of my prescious child she was the epitome of love....
2679May 2017


The cold morning made me think about people homeless,cold and hungry on the streets....
5503May 2017

Beauty of Creation

Just Thoughts...
3872Jun 2017

Remember Me

Just Thoughts...
2120Jun 2017

Breathtaking Beauty ( Yet Incomplete,but god had a Reason)

Just was pondering on the beauty of the Peacock and yet its feet are not so pretty but god had a rea...
2530Jun 2017

Challenge......(Write a poem of Fall using the Five Senses)

Autumn is a Beautiful season,I would like to see what poets here would write on it using the Five Se...
1902Jun 2017


I sit gazing out the window,its a cold misty morning what a soothing picture makes one ponder on c...
2358May 2017

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