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My only attempt I will make at poetry that isn't one of my many lyrics. And this is as close as I ge...
4466Feb 2017

No Peace

Something I began writing last year but as I tend to do, I got side-tracked and didn't finish. It is...
5372Feb 2017

Caring Friend

When I am inspired to carry on....
4373Feb 2017

My Profile

Asking someone about information that is readily available is, to say the least, exasperating *frown...
4720Feb 2017


How heartbreak felt to me....
3660Feb 2017

Because Of You

I haven't put any of my lyrics in verses, bridges, etc. because I didn't think people would really w...
4082Feb 2017

Can't Take You Down With Me

Written about the thoughts I went through when I went through a breakdown during my mid 20's....
4432Feb 2017

Come Back Here With Me

About being with someone who constantly disappears within their own mind. They're there and yet not...
4423Feb 2017

Lost For Words

I write many lyrics. I struggle to write about love though. Always seems it should be easy when I re...
3772Feb 2017

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