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Long fingers

He has long fingers I handed him a guitar He played by ear My moans, his sweet melody...

0 33 Dec 9


You love me so much If only I didn’t do this or that I’d be perfect Your perfect Unfortunately, I like imperfections...

0 30 Dec 8

There’s usually

There’s usually A hand to touch If you’re standing in line Or, side by side Touch it...

0 58 Nov 30


I want to be The Velcro strip That attaches to your Velcro parts...

0 46 Nov 28


I want to be The Velcro strip That attaches to Your Velcro parts...

0 52 Nov 28

Don’t read if you’re a prude

On cold nights My pu**y is the hearth c*m by the fire The embers burn In colors that illuminate your form...

0 53 Nov 28


The water tickled Her flesh As she stepped deeper Into the lake...

0 53 Nov 28

Blank paper

I had left a love note Written in invisible ink If his heart’s flame could Reveal the text It would say “I love you”...

0 57 Nov 27

What comes

What comes is not expected And expectations Fall short of Reality...

0 54 Nov 25

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