Don’t read if you’re a prude

On cold nights My pu**y is the hearth c*m by the fire The embers burn In colors that illuminat...
49914Nov 2017


I want to be The Velcro strip That attaches to your Velcro parts...
2111Nov 2017

Music’s song

I listen to music I remember days, New Saddle blankets, dusty gear Sweet straw under beauty’s fee...
2052Mar 2018


What path is taken Cannot be taken back And footprints mark And wash away Like memories we thou...
8772Dec 2017


He took a puff Turned his head to me Leaned in and Exhaled into my mouth He said “give me your...
2302Dec 2017

Long fingers

He has long fingers I handed him a guitar He played by ear My moans, his sweet melody...
1890Dec 2017


You love me so much If only I didn’t do this or that I’d be perfect Your perfect Unfortunatel...
1730Dec 2017

There’s usually

There’s usually A hand to touch If you’re standing in line Or, side by side Touch it...
1790Nov 2017


I want to be The Velcro strip That attaches to Your Velcro parts...
1740Nov 2017


The water tickled Her flesh As she stepped deeper Into the lake...
1970Nov 2017

Blank paper

I had left a love note Written in invisible ink If his heart’s flame could Reveal the text It w...
1650Nov 2017

What comes

What comes is not expected And expectations Fall short of Reality...
1880Nov 2017

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