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Prostate Cancer and Arthritis

A sister once told me If the male sperm sits too long in the testicles It could cause prostate can...
2211Dec 2018


Was passing time simply imagining many things...
4442Dec 2012

Here Smile

I'm sure the readers of this piece can feel it, know why it was written. It's from the book Humanit...
3420Nov 2016

Slow Dance

She moves like leaves... Being blown by a summer windy breeze The funny thing about that is I've...
6329Nov 2012


I was feeling my children when I wrote this piece. They seriously are my world....
5462Nov 2012

Where Are You (Father's) Pt. 2

I wrote this poem bc...Globally, there's an attack against Blacks and ppl of color...but why? That's...
4532Nov 2012

Where Are You (Father's) part1

I wrote this poem because there's a cause and affect as well as effect! Much of what the world know...
4151Nov 2012

Do You Remember

This poem is about the love from a father to his seeds...
5092Nov 2012

The Essence of Love

This poem is off the cd The Coldest Summer Ever. I've been inspired to write about love from the Mo...
4883Oct 2012

As You Sleep

This poem was written about a women I once had a deep love for, however, that is no longer the case....
5123Dec 2010

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