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Another sporatic poem

You can only make it so far so what IS the Contest....
1920Jun 2023

In the dead night of day

I was gullible then later I was... ripped off,stuck,floored,nailed,defamed,ridiculed and more. Peopl...
1824Jun 2023

Sound, Music, and Timing

Just venting to myself. You just happened to red it. LOL Hugs...
2272Jun 2023

A motorcycle poem

She stood there Eye wide open but not lit. In a state of intensive care. A hard 5 months later she...
5615Apr 2022

Life is Great

Aint life funny especially these days lol....
1520Jun 2023

The Oblivious (you don't know who you are)!

Just thinking things are much more complicated than people can understand. Way more than you can thi...
2621Oct 2022

As the World Turns Day After Day

It's about a fictional Predator who goes on vacations for a thrill....
3733Oct 2022

You like poems (when the soul leaves the conscience)

I think I stole this one from sombody....
2930Sep 2022

Is Annonimous in trouble or the husband

simply just dedicated...
2991Aug 2022

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