Four New States

I have been trying to add states that I haven't been to yet
This year I got in Nevada and North Carolina back in February
I just got back two days ago visiting Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas
I stayed overnight in Texas two nights, and Oklahoma one night
Other states I went through before were Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Arkansas
Missouri, and Iowa
I went to Galveston to see the Gulf of Mexico
I went to San Antonio to see the Alamo
I didn't really have any other places to see other that say I was in those states
Three hours to get through Louisiana and basically drove through Oklahoma
In Kansas I went to Chuck E Cheese which still had a band
So did Des Moines, Iowa(which was in better shape)
I went to Buc-ee's, a store with a good pork barbeque sandwich
I drove golf balls in Texas at a driving range where the balls pop out
I ate a good steak in Texas at Chili's
I drove about 2,900 miles and was happy
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 6
About this poem:
The states left on my bucket list are Hawaii, Alaska, Washington, Idaho, Utah, New Mexico, South Carolina, West Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Vermont.
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The 4th of July

that's the main way I celebrate this holiday
I spent about fifty bucks on various fountains
The good stuff that goes boom or in the sky is illegal
I also am going to watch Independence Day
The one with Will Smith smacking some aliens
Not Chris Rock
Music is another thing I do
American Made by The Oak Ridge Boys
American Pie by Don McLean
Voices That Care
National Anthem by Whitney Houston
God Bless The USA by Lee Greenwood
wearing my flag socks and Mickey Mouse 4th of July parade shirt of 1998
Eating ice cream
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 1
About this poem:
I used to go to Dubque, but got tired of the crowds and the unsafe conditions of that town, now I go here in Platteville, Wisconsin.
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Customer Service

I used to work at Hardee's
I marveled at the girls who gave great customer service
Even to those who were rude at times
I wonder if these trying times have made customer service go down
I got some bad customer service this morning
I wanted eight chocolates picked from the counter
She wanted to give me a box, which is not as fresh
I told her about three times I didn't want a box
Till she finally realized I wasn't giving up on my original request
I left there pretty steamed, but I got what I had asked for
I see this petty treatment all over
At work, it clouds my day
Managers who just want to make a quick buck, and don't care about you
People like Jeff Bezos who only care about space travel and not workers
It comes down to actually caring for others
Because I can eat at home, but I go out for some love with my morsels
Looking for that one person that gets it
That really wants to give me great customer service
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 25
About this poem:
I have been complaining about this issue my whole life, from my nonexistent family members who don't want to be bothered, to the voters who vote for people like our current blunder, I hope he's ok after his fall on his nonpolluting bicycle.
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That is what I paid a gallon for gas this morning
I figured I need a full tank to go to WI Dells
So I got three gallons to fill my tank
With my better gas mileage with my Chevy Cruze
I get about 34 miles to the gallon
My three cavaliers I had from 1994 to 2019 got about 25 mpg
So this trip will cost about 28 dollars in gas
Back in 2004 it would have cost about 12 bucks
How high will it go?
I drive 21.5 miles to work each way
I also put about 18,000 miles on my car each year
This year will be more as I'm taking a trip down to Texas thru Arkansas
If it goes to six bucks a gallon
It should take about 450 dollars
I seen a sticker on a pump on May 6 when the gas was 4.09
It has a picture of Joe Biden pointing
Below his pic it said "I DID THAT!"
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 11
About this poem:
This economy has me concerned, but not enough to go for a walk, these cars are a lot of fun!
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School Shooter

School was never much fun for me
I see these kids who shoot up schools
And I don't support it
I do understand it
I had a lot of hate towards my fellow students growing up
I can't even go back to class reunions
Because the pain of past memories are too great
It's hard to fit in
Sometimes people just do it without even having to think about it
Lucky them
I don't know if making gun laws with stop this kind of violence
Because whether it's word bombs or real bullets
The pain is the same
Both can kill
And often do
So here's my solution
Treat people with dignity and respect
Leave them alone
Stand up for bullied kids
Love one another
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 4
About this poem:
Uvalde has been on my mind for awhile.
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Movie Review: Pet Semetary

I liked this movie
The thought of bringing back the dead
I miss my dog Brandee
But she would come back all mean and want to bite me
I miss my Mom
But she would come back and want to kill me
In this movie a dad grieves for his son Gage after he is hit by a truck
Before that he buries his daughter's cat at the Indian burial ground
The cat comes back all evil and smells bad
The dad buries his son up at the grave yard also
Of couse he comes back all evil and kills his mom and the neighbor
Who says "Sometimes Dead Is Better"
At the end the daughter is the only left alive
Gage gets shot with a poison needle by his daddy
His dad gets killed by his reburied mom with a knife
I read this book by Stephen King and give it five stars
His dad getting killed by his wife who he buried
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 28
About this poem:
Visiting graves today, Mom, Dad, uncles Gary, Bob, and Delmar, Grandpa and Grandma Radloff, Godfather Bert, Jeremy Jensen( who I student observed during my student teaching in January of 1992, he died in a house fire, classmate Cheryl Hileman who died from suicide and my best friend's mom's grave.
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Uncle Buck

I am watching this movie with John Candy
He befriends his two nieces and a nephew who is Macaulay Culkin
This movie came out in 1989
A year before Home Alone which was the biggest movie of 1990
I am an uncle
Though I don't have access to my nephews, nieces, and greats
I have a total of 19
I have only seen three since my mom died in January
I got to see my brother's son and his son and daughter
I had regular time with my nephew until I moved out in 1996
I would have to say the 80's and early 90's were my best time with them
Minigolfing, waterparks, movies, resturants, games, video games
In this movies Buck saves Tia from a predatory jerk and hits him with a golf ball
He is the hero by punching a drunk clown and making three foot wide pancakes
He chews out a vice principal for being mean to kids by saying
"Here's a quarter, buy a rat to chew that thing off your face!"
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 21
About this poem:
I watch about five movies a week, John Candy died in 1994, but I usually watch this one every year. His other great movies are Planes Trains and Automobiles with Steve Martin, and smaller parts in Home Alone, and Splash.
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I went garage saleing today
Got some good music
I got a good chocolate chip cookie, though yours were better
I seen a lot of kids who you would have appreciated
Lots of people you would have loved to talk with
You really enjoyed talking with people
I got some lemonade and a book of iconic photos from Life magazine
A VHS of Firestarter with Drew Barrymore, the new one comes out next week
That was my cheapest buy, a dime, thought I also bought Cat's Eye
So I gave him a quarter for both
I seen a pretty flowering tree with pinkish purple blooms
I saw a life size card board cutout of Brett Favre
Lots of nice homes with nice people
You used to live in Lancaster back in early January
Where I went today to go to garage sales
I miss you Mom
I also want to thank you for all you did for me
Warm hugs, warm bed, warm food, and
Warm chocolate chip cookies
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 7
About this poem:
I miss my Mom and I'm grateful
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Bill Murray

I loved you on SNL
My favorite bit by you was frequent flyer
You made Ghostbusters fun
You gave a great speech in Meatballs and Scrooged
You even made dieing funny in Zombieland
It's been 46 years of funny from you
Now it comes to find out you did something bad on the set of a movie
The men are just now having to have some consequences
Where in the past they just did as they pleased
Mostly getting away with bad behavior
Bill Cosby comes to mind
So does Kevin Spacey
And my old boss from Hardee's
I even have a few in my own family, one who died in prison from agent orange
One of the many atrocities of the Vietnam war
Abraham Lincoln once said
I do good I feel good, I do bad I feel bad, this is my religion
Apparently these guys flipped the script
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 23
About this poem:
I've seen and heard of this behavior at plenty of jobs I have been at, I'm still waiting for justice for these women, hopefully the work world I live in will get woke too.
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Buffet and a Tip

I ate at a buffet last night
It is called Castle Rock
They have an all you can eat fish
Which is all I can eat on Friday during Lent
It cost me 40 dollars(for me and a friend)
I gave a ten dollar tip
I gave two extra dollars over the 20 percent you are supposed to give
My mom used to be a waitress at Friedman's
It closed down in 2000
The buffet is almost exactly the same
So I got a visit from my Dad last night in a dream
He didn't say anything
But it's been over a year since I last dreamed about him
I got a visit for the price of a gift to a friend and a gift to a waitress
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 9
About this poem:
I have to go to my Dad's grave the day before Easter and inter my Mom's ashes above my Dad's grave with my sister and my Dad's two sisters. It sits on a bluff above the city of Dubuque, Iowa. You can see the grave yard and my uncle's flag pole when you cross the Mississippi River going from Wisconsin.
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It is a place we all want to go
I asked a priest once
When I die is it a long trip toward the bright light of heaven?
He said no
When you die it will be revealed to you
What you could not see, you will see
You have to remember
Heaven is not a place
It is God
I think of this conversation from time to time
Who is my heaven?
Who are the people who have made me happy?
I think if we can do that
Bring happiness to the people we meet
We can be angels on earth
And be heaven for others
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 25
About this poem:
Warrant's song Heaven was a song I sang for karaoke last night, it got a standing ovation, as it is a hopeful song. The album it comes from has one of my favorite, a fat rich man with money for hair coming out behind his ears, gold and silver rings on each hand, and a cigar made out of a dollar bill.
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Bu-bu-bu Burnout!
Burnin out, burn out, burnin out, burnout
Wa wa wa
Burnin out, burnout, burnin out, burnout
Wa wa wa
It's not just here, it all over the nation
Covid, Ukraine, and run away inflation
We wanted to party and get a little rest
But the workers had already headed out west
So the boss says yes
As for the rest of you
Let's all get to work and do the burnout!
Now I can't even think
And I can't even sleep
All of these hours got me feelin like a creep
But the homeless remind me it could be a lot worse
Even though, I still want to [email protected]#$in curse
It just ain't fair
Well, look over there
Lots of other people doin the burnout!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 12
About this poem:
A parody of Wipeout by the Fat Boys who did a parody of Wipeout by the Beach Boys.
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