A Parallel Universe

(A Collaborative Poem with Christian Candykid)
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A tapestry of telepathy, he knows that he's lost...
She waits for his whispers, he suffers the cost...
In parallel planes there are mirrors that divide...
And mirrors that decide to unite...

A ripple distorted the reflections of whispering echoes...
Igniting hope between two worlds never touching...
One reaching, the other one fleeting...
As liquid diamonds drip from her eyes...

Clairvoyant submission beyond natural-born vision...
Arms reaching searching for transparent collisions...
Precision decisions reflect crystal clear visions...
Apparitions appear before starlit renditions...

Blinded by the sun's bright and blinding conditions...
They are each spellbound by photo-framed solar rays...
With invisible strands, he crushes stars in his hands...
But unity in reality is light years away...

And so he stands in the center of the sun...
Mirrors of lost time reveal she is the one...
After thousands of years, searching thousands of mirrors...
They've found each other in tears....
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2015
About this poem:
This is an enjoyable collaboration with Christian Candykid on a fantasy theme. Beautifully blending a logical/pragmatic mind with an imaginative/creative mind. He is very wonderful to work with.
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~~Water Phantom~~

Under a spray of cold water
Sizzles upon impact on my passionate body
Droplets of desire trickling down
You are the water phantom
Stroking my neck and shoulder
Your hands flowing around my chest
Cupping my heartbeat in your palms
You move inwards for the pleasure
matching melodies with moans and growls
Flame and water ignites a spark
building intense harmony through silent chaos
You tickle my mind, body and soul as you reach in for a climax
Take me further into your fantasy land
You make me your queen as I make you my king
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2016
About this poem:
deeply longing....
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Sweetly Greeting You

My love
a taste of sweet choco
with slightly bitter coffee
then we bathe together in citrus lime
cleansing our souls from lust
until the last drop that remains
is our unconditional love
sprinkled with a spice of passion
to keep us going strong
for whatever comes
we will embrace deeply in faith
nudging soft pink thoughts
into each other's dreams
I sweetly greet you
My love

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~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2016
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At the summit

The golden sun greets the dewdrops forming in the eyes
Such a beautiful connection with the heavenly warmth from above
Meditating with the silent mountains breathing is the only sound
You hear the wind tugging at your hoodie tempting to topple you
You hold on with the gravity growing inside as each thought passes by
When the lips move to make a sound it simply evaporates into thin air
Water droplets floating upwards to the heavens to once again be clouds

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~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2016
About this poem:
Poem is inspired by Erdenebulgan Photography
(The photo showing a person sitting at the top of a summit looking to the rising sun)
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F_A_N_T_A_S_Y (part 1)

(A Collaborative Poem with theCrane)

---- hesitating … she then raised her fingers to feel
The engraved writings on ancient walls

" Maybe heaven is enough for you now?
- Stepping with tribal feet
this asymmetrical think tank
- with lateral exposed Vans
Spiralling in their iron encasings
- Plymouth itself rose rapid Mouthed
and if the unconcealed Sands be Present?"

---- each symbol turned alive at her touch as she sensed
The living thoughts of embedded values in cold stone

" - day unto day
What if:
- Selene remains Punctuated on her illuminated Crescent?
-- Years 
pour into years
as all of My thoughts run unto thee tendrillar"

---- excitement ran through her senses as she learned
The intricately woven pieces of puzzles revealing
Only to the seeking minds and open hearts

"- if i Could only but kiss the Sea
Vent with the Moon
- fracture and bleed
all of My lateral and exposed thoughts journey into thee
- and Nîmes' denarius
expand thou onto the teal offered Ocean elevated
Wishing Athena still loved Me along with the Sprite of her transient gate
arced here on My pillow of lead"

---- in silent trepidation she received the flowing images
Willingly occupying her opened minds setting the scenery

"- the river runs into thee
Dorset by Chariot
-- - Boadicea,.. Boadicea..
from out of the direction of your glorious Watercourse
- and fissure reflection
the Titular giants feed
-- are 
i knew them once
- for insurgency makes the Arc Strong"

---- "What beautiful carvings that lay hidden unnoticed
within these walls…" she thought to herself
Without imposing her beliefs, she lets herself sink into them

"- - i Could fly to thee..
Jesus James!
- - Standing tall
- Seasons apace
Shame on their bitter Currents
-- all the while trying to believe


- forever Pounding its brain
or in Closer Proximity
- that Child is agape with a Subangular rose
Hitler alleviant,
- - high, redescent high
the Lamb's tubular Bride
- or by what has been brought
is that San Salvador i Spy naked in the trees?
-- or delinquent on Watling island?"
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2015
About this poem:
theCrane was a deeply profound poet whom I had the opportunity to collaborate with last year. He is still the most challenging poet I have encountered as his poetry style and vocabularies truly surpass me ;)
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Dark Matter

Silent and deadly
dark matter travels
parched lips shrivels and shrinks
without a sound ..... a thud maybe
non-resonating echo sinks into one's reflection
a smile in disguise of its weeping mind
spider weaving fabrication over its elusive intention

Silent and poisonous
dark matter sinks
dry veins shivers and quivers
without warmth ...... a flicker maybe
non-reflective mirror growing dull in its repetition
a joke in disguise of its negative mind
phantom hiding behind closed curtains with apprehension
( random thoughts )
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2015
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Delusional Minds

One that craves attention
One that creates delusions
One that seeks to play
One that hides behind a mask
One that appears brave
One that walks faceless in the dark
One that wears a thousand faces in the light
One that seek a thousand answers to its starvation
One that harbors a hunger deep within
A hollow echo ripples through the wall
Scratching the tunnel of sanity
A screaming Banshee searching for its family
Leaving behind trails of broken shards
Realizing the widening black emptiness inside
Noticing its needs to find a friend
Contemplating tactics to maneuver around dark matters
Looking for light that shines
A softness that will hold its own darkness
Crawl if it must to reach for that enlightenment
through the density of crackling unreasonable thoughts
.... just to find the filtering softness of a specific light
that will look this way .....

.... until then.... it will continue to crave longingly ...
for the P_E_A_C_E ..... that it does not have ......
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2015
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what truly lies inside...

As human do
we tend to throw our emotions onto other
we let others take responsibilities for our actions
we crash and burn others with our stupid thinking
we are so hypocrite that we do not see our blindness
we close our skeletons in a secluded closet
Hiding all our treasured greed, hate and contempt
But on the outside, we design our closets with beautiful designs
wood from exotic lands, carvings from master carpenters
embroidery from the most outstanding weavers
we put on a show for all to see
those who wear rose-colored glasses
those who use binoculars
those who capture each passing moments with cameras
and then there are those who see right through the surface veneer
and saw what truly lies inside.......

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~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2015
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Just ... Dance

Blindfold, sense the beat with your heart
memories in your muscle will move you
alignment to rhythmic body wave
barrida sweep turns to a colgada spin
passion channeling embrace bending
gancho maneuver and a volcada lean
arms around, arms interlock
feel the movement within
synchronicity of one
body, mind and soul
when you discover the rhythm of my inner core
the circle is finally complete

( Learning about Tango Movement Vocabularies )

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2015
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Mind Concerto

With one precise wave of the baton
the Oboe starts playing a single melody
beautiful notes flowing upwards, fluttering downwards
reverently renders on the last note
well-balanced diaphragm for soft and loud tunes
before the final note disappears into the air
the Violins fill in the silent intervals of resting space
painting a background of sweet flower gardens
their bows joining voices with synthetic core strings
singing brilliant and responsive tone with a nice complexity
the Violas, the Cellos, the Bass all join in the chorus
bright blue skies emerge from the strings
unaware of the approaching dark thundering clouds
tonic and dominant rhythm of the Timpani
announcing the presence of something sinister
the black lightning monster hidden in the billowing mass
twisting sounds conversing with the Percussionist
cooking charms from the Glockenspiel
metallic echoes of bells ringing in the rain
suddenly interrupted by a menacing shrieking Tam-Tam
mixing chemistry with the guidance of a mad scientist
a jumble of words that make no sense
struck by a combination of Chimes and Crotales
shouting judgments into a creature's ears
so lacking in self-consciousness
gliding on the outer shell slipping softly away
always craving to fulfill the starvation of empty souls
green eyes looking towards the Harp for its unique resonance
ebony lips licking in anticipation of the next composition

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2015
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Perceptive Fox (Butterfly Cinquain)

with curious eyes
why do humans label
our species as wickedly
symbol of cunning and mischief
who tries to trick humans
bringing upon

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~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2015
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F_A_N_T_A_S_Y (part 2)

---- gliding spiraling along the floating visions
A morphed creature interpreting each element as it is

as the Spirits fade
- and as Skeins yield to their gold Coloured Crosses
Wouldn't you?
-- - So Please kneel
before i forget you
- you and your faraway Voices
Captioned for impact!
- and Suddenly,
-- there was the Sound of a Mighty rushing breeze..
between the earthbound Seed and the Sycamore
- - fiery amongst the Charged beams"

(scenery changing) …. Protected by her energy spheres
She soared along with the raging waves

"What hopes we keep?
- - if the golden Pages Sheen
gathering their ambulatory hosts
- Could of been you
Wearing Egyptian blue
- as for Yesteryear's funnel Clouds
Pale into retreat
- - raising their industrial arms
So little i am known unto thee
- here, 
- - on the blasted Storm of My Summit
it was as if everything that had breath brought Me to you
- the Crystal Sea in kind regards"

(sky darkening) …. Losing sight of her vision
She relied on the beacon of her heart guiding her

"- - and if we Choose to love?
-- underneath the Moisture and Canopy of your ripened breasts
- and if i lift the impenetrable nitrate?
and glower into your rooms
- - for What earthy Sage becomes?
throwing Stones
- if then, we all Correspond with reason?
- - give My regards to God
by thy Caspian?

(thunder and lightning) …. Energy spheres breaking apart
The morphed creature fell deeper into memories lost

"- with breakers Crashing upon the lunar Surface
or by the imperishable bearings of your Purple hips
- is Mine tonight
endlessly destined
- What thing i am hopelessly Struggling towards"
(echoes whisper) …. Drawing closer to the widening blackness
She fell deeply into unwavering slumber

"--- - Purple Muse and the gyrating inflation of her Passing Volume
time after time in an ebb
-- - He raised Lazarus,
See how He loved him?
- and if in the end
Writing on the Wind
--- the overlapping Profusion of these foraging depths"

(warm feeling) …. In his arms she awoken to his caring voice
She had fainted while studying the ancient runes

- as to love
- it is all that truly Matters."
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2015
About this poem:
(continuing from part 1)

A collaborative poem with theCrane, a deeply profound poet.
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