A Poor Man Everyday

When love can't take care of her
And give her all the things she needs
Then I know I must walk away
Cause it's plain to see I'm a poor man everyday

Unspoken love she can see it in my eyes
She can feel it from my heart
But I'm not a fool I realize
Sometimes life's this way and I'm a poor man everyday

She's a lady I know
I couldn't accept for her less
Before love starts to grow I'll bow out and confess
Every time I pray why must I be a poor man everyday
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 15
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Fall To Earth

If you should ever find out
If you should ever know
How I wrote of you long ago

Please don't be offended
For in my heart love was surely real
And I wrote what heaven could feel

Waited for the reflection of prayer to fall to earth
If you should ever find out if you should ever know
What my greatest treasures in heaven are worth
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 4
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Thank God For Music

Thank God for music it can bring me from despair
And makes me wonder
If there is love somewhere

It can stir my soul move my feet
And even make me smile
It can bring back memories of when I was a child

Thank God for music a tender love song or rock and roll
And what about some country
That's made of pure gold

Beethoven had his day Mozart had his too
And their music still lingers on
Good things always do

Thank God for music he gave me this to sing to you
I hope it makes you smile
Like good angels always do
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 14
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The Poetry Of This Time

A prisoner in my home but out my window I have a view
And the boundaries of the mountains surround me
I'm ok for awhile and then I am blue

I try to express the way I feel and yet the poetry of this time
I conceal for I can't break the boundaries
Not with rhythm or rhyme

I see the birds as they fly and the freedom
Of the power lines going on and on
The poetry of this time says bye as the last word is gone
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 14
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I'm pretty sure

I'm pretty sure I'm not faking
I'm pretty sure these words are true
I'm pretty sure my heart is aching
I'm pretty sure I still love you

You have wandered far away
And the years have quickly passed by
Maybe you never think of me but if you do
You know I would never lie

I'm pretty sure you're still pretty
I'm pretty sure your eyes are still blue
And if we ever meet again dear
I'm pretty sure always sure for sure I love you
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 3
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But That's Me

Old fashioned no tattoo's
No smoke to roll just ocean waves
Crashing away my blues

Some forgotten lifestyle from the past
Still hanging on a little longer than some would like to see
But that's me

Sometimes there's eye contact with certain women
But only a glance
Some ladies don't need flirting they just need a little romance

Hello can be said tenderly
I nod my head as if to say is that ok
But that's me

Memories of an old farmhouse the smell of baled hay
Early morning sunshine appears on the wooden front porch
As if to say let's go to work I nod my head that's a ok
But that's me
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 28
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Gone Forevermore

The little country store
The little restaurant
They're gone now gone forevermore

The little country store
You knew the names of the milkman and the bread man
You knew who your neighbor was for sure

The store was never crowded
With three people shopping at a time maybe four
But that's all gone now gone forevermore

The little restaurant had a pinball machine in the corner
A jukebox standing nearby a favorite song was always playing
And a teenager would be standing at an open door

How much of this are you missing
You knew who your neighbor was for sure
But that's all gone now gone forevermore
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 31
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When the breeze gently touches the leaves on a tree
How does that gentle breeze
Seem to have the strength of Hercules

When a humid gray cloud slowly glides overhead
And brings your mind at ease
As you are covered with the shield of Hercules

And then the birds hush their singing the wind is still as can be
All your thoughts leave your mind and that's when you find
You have been restored with the strength of Hercules
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 29
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The Movie Of May

The sky is so very blue
Leaves on the trees are so very green
Then the sun comes shinning through
And a day in May unfolds this scene

I like to watch the movie of May
It wasn't made in Hollywood
But still amazes me
For it's so good so very good

The birds fly as though it's the first time they have ever flown
There's a peaceful feeling as you walk along
On the porch I enjoy the mild mannered breeze
Month of may stay forever if you please

There's a stream that sparkles like gold in the sun
And now is the time to have some fun
And there's so much more I could say
About the movie of May
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 14
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Flat Tired Flat Broke

Flat tired flat broke
A cowboy without a saddle
And I'm out of rope

No matter where I travel
Land or sea her memory
Always stays afloat

Every night I sleep beneath a thousand mile sky
With all those stars shinning down
But sleep don't come till early dawn I yawn
Drinking flat coffee as I drive to town

Flat tire no spare
I think I've been there before
Flat tired flat broke I can't take anymore
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 11
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A Letter Today

She might find a letter today
She's expecting a letter today
Standing at the mailbox
She fumbles through the mail looking for a special letter

She opens up the envelope
Unfolds the paper puts on her glasses
And begins to read
Hope she finds everything she needs

She might find a letter today
Maybe I have spoiled her that way
If she didn't think it was love
By now she must surely believe

She might find a letter today
And if she connects the letters between the lines
She might find
A letter today
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 26, 2017
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No Man Is An Island

No man is an island
That's what they say
Seems I've been stranded here forever and a day

A place where friday never came
And no story can be written
About a man with no name

The sunset looks like an echo upon the waves
No one can hear me all my dreams are adrift forever gone
Author unknown
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 19
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