I Don't Understand

I don't understand how to be rich
I don't understand being poor
But I understand being sad
There's nothing to explore

I can't explore today
I can't explore tomorrow
A dreamer who never found the way
To leave behind sorrow

Only the birds have a song
They cause me to look up
And when the gray sky is gone
If only I had just a little luck

And find I'm somewhere over the rainbow
A pot of gold could be just a smile
From someone who has a soul
I don't understand why no one wants to listen for awhile
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 15
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W Legend

He once had the password W Legend
He found he could only use it for one year
You see his heart was breaking how could he move on
The only way he could became clear

He had to say goodbye to the password W Legend
If she ever found out would she understand
The reason why he had to change it
W Legend please forgive him if you can

No other girl stood a chance
For as soon as he typed W Legend
It only took a glance and he was right back at the start
So change it but W Legend was always written on his heart
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 7
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If I Were A Rich Man

They can stare with an evil look animosity
Staying mad cause of who I would like to see
That's ok anyway they turn their head
But if I were a rich man nothing would be said

They seem to be jealous want to keep my age safe and sound
It's a mystery why they keep trying to use esp
There needs to be another form of communication instead
And if I were a rich man nothing would be said

This crazy thing for years has been going on
As of yet they haven't wore me down and when I look around
A lot of faces are still turning red
But if I were a rich man nothing would be said

So you got a shirt and you got a tie
You wear for your serious business as years go by
If you get a choking feeling it's all in your head
Seriously if I were a rich man nothing would be said
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2
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There's No Place To Be But Alone

There's no place to be but alone
I'd make an effort but where is there to go
Yesterday is over and today is almost gone

The rain is so blue
It's having a hard time trying to fall
There's a mist on the window
And memories are not much company at all

There's no need to think about moving on
Cause there's no place to be but alone

My umbrella is leaning against the wall
I stare at it a for a long time
Memories are not much company at all
And it seems like the past is going blind

Maybe I need to live in a little town
Where they have a slow speed zone
There I could walk away the blues
Knowing there's no place to be but alone
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 30
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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from God to earth
Wise men followed a star from far away
Humble to know how much we are worth
We have a savior to take our sins away

The virgin Mary found favor and in a stable gave birth
In the sky angels rejoiced in the fields shepherds did quake
Merry Christmas from God to earth
God is good God is great
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 24
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Maybe Your Eyes Could Tell Me

Maybe your eyes could tell me
That you'll always love me
Maybe your eyes could tell me
You're gonna kiss me tenderly

I know they are so blue
And oh how they shine
But when I look at you
I'm speechless and I'm so inclined

To just stand there and stare
So if you care if you really do
Maybe you're eyes could tell me
That your love for me is true

Maybe I could tap my shoes with morse code
But when you are near I freeze in place
If this love story could ever be told
Maybe your eyes could tell me you long for a sweet embrace

Maybe your eyes could tell me
Just how every tomorrow could be
Maybe your eyes could tell me
You're gonna kiss me tenderly
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 20
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Don't Spread That Around

I don't know a thing about peanut butter
Don't spread that around
Don't know why you make my heart flutter
Oh darling don't spread that around

The reason I have never kissed you
It would only cause me to miss you
Oh I hope this doesn't make you frown
I just might love you but please don't spread that around

It's been a long while since we've been together
And now that winter time is the weather
Heart shape snowflakes are falling on the ground
But darling I beg you don't spread that around

Don't know what santa might bring you
Hopefully an old memory of me will do
I got lucky at karaoke when you adjusted the sound
But darling please don't spread that around
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 13
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Does She Know

Does she know or doesn't she know
Maybe she'll never find out
I've been dreaming on poetry corner
With so many things to write about

Does she know or doesn't she know
Maybe I should stop writing today
But poetry corner is the only house of God
Where I could find a place to pray

Does she know or doesn't she know
Would it make a difference what would she do
Maybe I'm just wasting my time
So why is line after line another line of you

Does she know or doesn't she know
I'll have to wait and see
Where is all this ever going to go
Or will it stay does she or doesn't she
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 26
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Poetry Town

Driving down poet avenue
I'm looking for rhyme street
It always feels like deja vu
Except this time the rain is turning to sleet

I slip and slide around every turn
I'm stuck in poetry town
In my rearview mirror there is concern
For it looks like I'm heartache bound

Mr winter I'll never find her
The nights are getting cold I'll never see her again
And the tracks I've left in the snow
Reveal all the circles where I've been

How many time have I written it wrong
Now the traffic light on poet avenue is broken down
Where do I go as the night goes on
Looks like I'm stuck in poetry town
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 27
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Mandela Effect

Mandela effect what's it all about
Either it is or it isn't once I was for sure
But now I have some doubts

Are there any old history teachers still around
I need someone to clear up my mind
Of all the crazy things I've accidently found

I'd better check my brand of coffee
It doesn't seem to be waking me up
Why do I suddenly have 3 different favorite cups

How many things can change so fast
What happened to the past it's hard for me to recall
Who's to say anyway if I really wrote this poem at all

So if you didn't know about this before
You'll have fun finding out you were wrong
I won't say anymore but welcome to the mandela zone
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 30
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The Doctor

My mind keeps playing the role of a doctor
Another therapy session every day or two
There was a girl that's why my chart has lots of pages doctor
My mind keeps trying to fix my heart from missing you

The doctor says this is all very confidential
There's no one in the room but me
I keep asking to see his credentials
He say he's still going to the school of poetry

I can see this is getting me nowhere
But he's the only doctor I can find
My insurance has all this covered
But what if she uncovers this heart of mine

The doctor said this session is over
I don't know when the next appointment will be
His prescription was a four leaf clover
But it's going to take more than luck to find a cure for me
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 28
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The North Carolina Pearl

In the land of North Carolina there's a beautiful girl
Long ago when she was in Kentucky
I didn't know I was looking at a North Carolina pearl

So I ask you North Carolina
Could you send her back my way
Maybe this time goodbye will be a little easier to say

For I know she couldn't leave you long
You'll always be her world but if I could write a song
It would be all about the North Carolina pearl

And if I could whistle Dixie and see that flag unfurl
This soldier has one last love letter
Addressed to the North Carolina pearl
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 25
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