Four bowed heads said it all.

In hastily-bought suits and puffy eyelids.
Their young dreams shattered and torn.

Mid-term break fun destroyed by three words.

Olan is dead.

That can't be true, I was with him last night

Words said defiantly, but with dread in the eye.

Facebook page filled with sweet messages, tears, love.

Now in red-rimmed prayer, unbelieving yet knowing

Nineteen is just too young.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2015
About this poem:
I wrote this having just been to the funeral of a young man.
He was in first year of college, working a part-time job during mid-term, and was killed in an accident there.
The church was filled to capacity,but it was four young men near the coffin caught my eye, in their silent anguish.
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True Beauty 5-7-5

Not Shallow But Deep
Inside Glowing and Breathing
Love And Life To All
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2014
About this poem:
Real beauty radiates from within.

Can be read as one sentence.

Thanks for reading.
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5-7-5 Mol

Ned is dyslexic
I see god but he sees dog
I'm saved, he's bitten
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2014
About this poem:
I read there was a Haiku challenge, and as I couldn't sleep, I decided to do a silly haiku instead :-)
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One becomes Two becomes One

When One becomes Two
Is it love blossoming again
Or is it simply pain
Feeling feelings old and new

Should we not be happy
With all of our heart
When we should be together
Why are we apart

Love is tough
Life is rough
In juggled balls
One often falls

Two again becomes One
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2014
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Wayne's Challenge 2 MB

All bright glittering is not gold
A tainted love affair I was sold

A tasteless temptress stole my dream
Beaming like a feline high on pilfered cream

Is it not sinful to steal the love of my life, of my days and endless night?
Taking that fragrant body that filled me with such yearning and carnal delight

To forgive may be divine, but mortal and human only I be

When that crossroads I reach, will I accept that now
the future is only and alone.....ME
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2014
About this poem:
First Poetry entry, indeed first poem!
2nd attempt to enter this correctly though!

I only attempted it because of the challenge set out by the pre-determined words. Thanks !
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